Sample Essay on The Internet as Social Media Connectivity and Immediacy

The Internet as Social Media: Connectivity and Immediacy

Technology has improved human life in all comprehensive aspects. Globalization has enhanced efficient communication all over the globe. The invention of social media to create more internet social and business communication has changed people’s social interactions. Now people can easily send pictures and messages on social media platforms as Facebook and twitter.

Twitter Evaluation

The essay seeks to analyze how we become engaged to twitter. Further, this essay focuses on how one can improve their utility of their Twitter accounts. Consequently, the main objective of this essay is to show the general utility of twitter; how it can improve one’s social interactions.

It is easy to gain access to your twitter account at the comfort of your convenience, provided you access the internet. The twitter’s home page provides a sign up access bar, where new users fill their personal information. It is simple and consumes very little of your time (PAKM, & Yamaguchi, 2008).

The account has a tweet bar, where the users get to type 140-character messages and broadcast them for the whole world using the social media to see. It is easy to establish a conversation network even for first-time users. It is because users choose who to follow. Thus, can share, connect, make new friends, follow what other people are up to through trending topics and get to post ideas. Consequently, tweeter users can follow celebrities, companies and even colleagues at their twitter accounts (Comm, Joel, Burge, Ken, & Robbins, 2009).

The hashtag (#) is used to show the trending topic and people talking about the same trending topic hashtag the trending topic together with their comments. Furthermore, one can attach various people who are part of the comment or trending topic. Twitter users can also communicate with each other by attaching their twitter links. For instance, while conversing with a friend a reply to relevant posts would include a (@) then followed by the tweeter handle of the relevant conversant. Moreover, you can like other people’s posts by retweeting them (Kroon, 2010).


Upon using twitter the account becomes more resourceful and fun by engaging in useful tweets. Useful tweets include tweets about what one is up to and commenting on trending topics. People usually engage in fun conversations and jokes. However, it is important to draw the lines of jokes to avoid offending the public. For instance, one should refrain from joking on sensitive issues (Zimmerman, 2013).

Further, sharing content in your tweets improves personal social attraction and the level of social engagement. If you share something interesting like articles, blogs, images or videos sharing these to your followers adds your tweets value. Adversely, if you like one’s tweet and you thing it is funny, one can share other people’s tweets and attach their relevant twitter handles. I recently found out how I can share my blogs with my twitter followers. It is easy you turn your blogs into tweets and schedule them on your twitter account.

Moreover, if you have relevant questions, you can share them with your twitter followers. These questions should be genuine and engaging to gain attention. It increases one’s followers and in turn appeal to other people. It may increase one’s interaction with other people (Ojeda-Zapata, 2008).

Tweeter and the social media at large changed the frequency and efficiency of communication. Further, advertising and marketing has taken advantage of social media. People can easily let their followers know what there are up to. Thus, it is easy to establish a common activity for everyone. It has made social interactions more lively and diverse.














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