Sample Essay on The Media`s Blackout on Rev. Wright

The Media`s Blackout on Rev. Wright

There has been a strong connection between Christianity, race, and politics in America for a long time now. During the invocation that occurred at the president’s inauguration, Pastor Rick Warren told the Americans that they were not a nation united blood, race or religion. The message intended to promote unity but instead created more differences. Since then to date racism has been emerging as an issue in the American politics, which for a long time is connected with religion.

There has been a gap between white and black Christians in America. For instance president Obama`s former spiritual advisor, and a Reverend in Trinity Church in Chicago, was dismissed due to his exposure of racism during a summon and was alleged to be unpatriotic person, although for many Black- American Christians this did seemed familiar to them. According to the history of Trinity church, it is not among the ‘black church’. This church does not lie among the seven major denominations dominated by the Methodist and Baptists, which contain the black church history.

Back in the year 2006 Reverend Wright also spoke at a Howard University that “racism is how this country was founded and how this country was run… We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God” This speech was published in a street journal. This is a clear show of racism in the church.

There are some questions that arose among the Americans on the church of Trinity`s efforts for social and political justice. Reverend Wright in his summon he uttered words were in line to promote racism. These utterances troubled President Obama on the campaign strategy to rebrand that destroyed title.

This act of Reverend Wright in the church, in front of a large congregation is a real exhibition of racism in America. This can be able to show out that no matter how America is developed; still there is a strong connection between Christianity and race politics. This was meant to create divisions between the white and black Christians in the Trinity church and America in large. The Reverend was a well-respected individual in the church whom the followers did not expect him to preach with such racial words. Him being president Obama`s advisor in spiritual matters portrayed the political view which was to destroy president Obama`s popularity among the American citizens. This was a real drawback for president Obama`s political progress.

The topic is used for the article. It is so attractive in that anyone who glances at it will be stimulated to read the article. It is centered at Reverend Wright who is a well-known close associate of president Obama. It is well formulated and used rightly.

This is an article, which was done for a political purpose, to destroy the popularity of president Obama. It’s Reverend Wright who spoke the racial speech but the president is the one who is blamed for the same. As we know politics is a game, this may have been a strategy to destroy president Obama`s popularity as they were heading for elections. This won`t be a surprise for most people because in politics one is supposed to be ready for anything. It was now president Obama`s duty to come up with strategies to overcome those allegations that were brought about by Rev. Wright.


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