Sample Essay on The Play Matters

The Play Matters

The Play Matters is a combination of various pieces of work on display by several artists, and they are distinctive since they seems to open the door into a world that is increasingly playful and creates a rippling effect that immediately captures the viewer’s attention. The images created by the paintings bring a message that sends the meaning of playfulness and shows the abstract meaning of the work depicted by the artists. Although the images are relatively abstracted, they signify the title Play Matters deeply by gratifying the explorations of the message in them. The title is clearly brought out by the nature of playfulness depicted in the images and the image designs imply the intended meaning from the artists.

Play Matters has a greater meaning that it represents in its presentation. It is represented through banners that resemble a playful nature. The artwork uses a dripped technique that is acrylic in nature and has a light shade of colors that looks like a cascading sunset. The images depict a placement on top of platforms, a suggestion that there is a certain theme of play being passed across. All the images have a fine setup to embrace the meaning of its title at the bottom of each image. This symbolizes a playful nature that is fluid, can be adapted by the whole environment around it, and all the plays have a meaning in it.

The pieces of art with the title Play Matters simply takes up the simplicity of nature by bringing out the visual elements of nature and pieces them together to be able to illustrate the playful nature of humans in the world. The work by the various artists is more of insightful and pieces together several ideas or clues that need to be solved as a play. The artwork brings out its simple message in a more playful manner, taking a swerve at the revolutionary nature it exists. The work also indicates the obvious enthusiasm shown by those playing. The thoughts of the various artists are brought out very clearly in a manner that shows an apparent liking of play by the nature itself.

The works depicted by the images shows how light emanates from the horizon. It cascades all over the images to bring in the full view to the observer. The viewers of the images can easily see the playful nature in the images. The work shows that for one to play, they ought to be part of nature in the revolutionary world. It is a depiction that playing involves the understanding of what is around us and the kind of people we are with, not forgetting the way or how we are engaging in our surroundings with the other people. This is evident from the way the images are arranged in the paintings, probably to try and forge a relationship with the others around them.

The letters in the titles have clearly defined lines of separation and they cascade down at the bottom of the banners that display the images on the walls. They bring about an intermingling in nature around them that is very smooth, having a flowing style that is very natural and rigid. The geometry in the images shows the observer how the unity between playing and humans in nature is all around us. The pieces of work gives a presentation to show us humans have the ability to adapt into the rigid nature and have an environment that they enjoy and play in. They show us that humans are capable to thrive in the environment around them and have prosperity through Play, which really Matters. The symbolism depicted by the images adds to this message with some of the Play Matters paintings bringing out a puzzle for the observers to come up with solutions.

The artists have also employed the motion element in their images by depicting a pattern that is repeated allover and brings out a cascading image. The element of motion is also used to depict the playful nature, which is represented by the images in the paintings. This element of motion makes the idea of fluidity seem so vivid and the images show a certain form of change where they try to adapt to their environments. The letters in every painting bring out the element of space and mass where they have a greater sense of geometry in them. The works about Play Matters have a profound meaning to the society simply because they help the viewer understand the deeper meaning of the environment they dwell in properly. After they have been able to understand the environment, they can now intermingle with it at ease through play. These pieces of work show us the realm of play and productivity of various activities in nature. In addition, Play Matters bring out a mode of communication beyond a play that is very important in