Sample Essay on The Reasons for Marriage Breakages

The Reasons for Marriage Breakages


Marriage is an institution formed by two people based on mutual understanding and love. However, it reaches a time when the two members develop some differences and decide to go apart. This hurts society as well as all the individual members of a family. Young couples are seen to end their marriages more often than old couples in Los Angeles. Consequently, the courts have experienced increased marital cases where couples have expressed interest in living a separate life from each other. This is a worrying trend for the government and the community because families are basic units of society.

Statement of the Problem

Because of the high number of marriage breakages, the research aimed at uncovering the causes of problems in marriages in the contemporary world. The research focuses on young couples aged between 23 years to 35 years of age (Tannen, 2014). In addition, the study will be carried out in Los Angeles where sampling will be applied to come up with a list of respondents.

Research Design

The researcher will use a questionnaire to gather information from the sample. Random sampling will be used in selecting the participants.  Participation on the other hand will be based on voluntary contribution with their privacy held with secrecy. A sample of thirty couples will be selected to respond to fifty questions outlined in the questionnaire.

 Data Analysis

After the data is collected, qualitative analysis will be carried out in order to come up with a formidable conclusion on the matter at hand. Moreover, some recommendations will be derived from the information gathered and action that will help save marriages from breaking apart.


Tannen, D. (2014). You just don’t understand: Women and men in conversation. New York: Ballantine.