Sample Essay on The Titanic

The Titanic

The titanic accident was a tragic incident that occurred in the early morning of 15 April 1992. It happenedwhen the ship hit the iceberg in the sea and developed numerousholes that allowed water in and made the ship capsize and eventually sink (Bartolic et al. 700). There were very few safety boats and safety gadgets asit was believed that the ship was unsinkable.That is why somany people had trust that they were safe.

If I were in the Titanic when it went down, first I would be in the state of confusion because I would be asleep since it happened at night. I would stand there in shock and disbelief; I would then begin to cry and, as many people did, would go around trying to get the facts of the situation together (Bartolic et al. 700). After accepting the news, I would begin acting for rescue. I would look around for those in critical condition like children and the elderly who need help. Therewith, I would look for safety gadgets such aslive jackets and would help the others to wear them in order to get warm. I would then move to the upper chambers to get into the safety boats and would help the others to follow me. If I were rich, I would pay for the seats for those who were poor and were not able to afford it. I would then board one of the first boats because most of them left with empty seats.

If I were poor, I would understand that I do not stand a chance in a life boat. Seeing the ship go down, I would try my bestto make something that can float in water assuming I had children. For example, I would gather livejackets and tie them up using bed sheets to makea raft. I would try my best to be reasonable and take actions instead of panicking and being impractical. In case the raft plan would fail I would try to force myself into any empty seat of a life boat. Otherwise, I would try to beg someone wealthy to pay for me a seat in the boat.

If I would not find any help, I would try to look out for piece of paper and draft a note to my relatives and to the government of America. I would bid farewell to my parents, brothers and friends, would apologize to those I have offended, bless those who I have cursed. I Would also draft a short will, indicate the direction to my children and pass it to those who managed to get into the rafts. I would then dress warmly and find any material that can float in water and go to the part of the wreckage that is still raised. I would move away from people who are desperate and in tears and go to those who are filling themselves with confidence. I would try to keep my mind away from the trouble and keep myself busy by joining a music group or playing guitar as I stand on a floating material just waiting for death or any miracle that might happen. I would try to stay on the surface of a floating dead body. I would find other people to join hands together in prayers and cast our souls to God, giving myself hope that incase a miracle does not happen Iwill still live even after I death. I will try to console myself and others as I ensure I am staying on the surfaces much as possible.

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