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The Wheel

The wheel is the most probable important mechanical invention that was invented; this is evident from the machines constructed since the beginning of the industrial revolution was made on the basis of a wheel. The potter’s wheel is believed to be the earliest wheel which was used in Mesopotamia in the early 3500 BC. The need for development of a functional wheel rose as a result for the need to transport heavy objects from one point to another. From the sledge to the log roller humans came up with fine ideas of facilitating heavy goods, this resulted to development of wheels. As the wood rollers were used, the friction that resulted made the wood to wear which shaped the wood in a round manner and shaping it. Wooden pegs were used to fix the sledge, the axle and the wheel created the movement (Machines & Inventions 7).

The wheel invention brought significance importance in the life of man. The wheel facilitated movement of goods and people from one point to another. It also used as gears in rollers in the various machines. The wheel invention made a great impact in the industrial revolution and led to development of locomotives, clocks, astrolabes, and water wheels among others. The wheel has continued to benefit humanity today, as goods, objects, and people are transported and able to move efficiently.

The Telephone

Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, it is a device that allows and facilitates transmission of sound from one physical location to another. Telephone can be dated way back to the non electrical string telephone; it was made up of two diaphragms coupled by a string or a wire. Sound was transmitted as mechanical ambiance. The success of Graham Bell came as a result of improving the telegraph, due to his expansive knowledge of the nature of sound and his understanding of music was his invention. This enabled him to come up with a system that allowed transmission of multiple messages over the same wire at the same time (Linder 5).

Telephone has enhanced communication technology, since it allows the transmission of message from the sender to the receiver. It is a source of entertainment and an important gadget to both the literate and the illiterate. Telephone invention has seen creation and destruction of jobs at a go. Through telephony, the art skills of writing were drained since there lacks the importance of writing whereas there is an option for direct communication.

World Wide Web

This is an information structure of interrelated hypertext documents that are gained access to through the internet (Chang 3). It was invented by a scientist known as Berners-Lee and the aim of it invention was to enable automatic information sharing between scientists and institutions around the globe. CERN was the first website and it put the World Wide Web on the public domain and this made the next release available with an open license.

The World Wide Web allows delivery of information in any format and in a wide range of computers. The plat foam provides a client server environment and has greatly enhanced and simplified the access to the internet. World Wide Web provides an extensive and expansive range of information since it contains huge and growing information database.

Were it not for such inventions there would not have been the kind of infrastructure that we have today, technology advancement would be minimal or no, industrialization would not be as successful as it is today. Such inventions resulted to reduced labour force that was used and helps increase the output required hence time and energy conservation.













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