Sample Essay on Understanding Consumer Behavior

Understanding consumer Behavior

Merchandise buyers need to understand what criteria are used by consumers in making buying decisions for them to be able to compete well in the competitive retailing market. When the marketer is aware of this, it is possible to come up with marketing plans that reflect what a large number of their customers prefer (Aras et al., 2017). Moreover, once marketers understand what motivates consumers to buy, they are able to make business decisions that create a demand for their products (Suleman & Zuniarti, 2019). For instance, a fashion merchandiser would want to know what motivates consumers to prefer buying and improve in delivering it both in quantity and quality in order to stand out in the competitive world of fashion merchandising.

I made a purchase a few days ago of a trending pair of Gucci trousers from a boutique for the first time. My initial intentions were not to buy the products on that particular day. However, the warm reception and the use of the right choice of words were inviting. I was completely convinced of the uniqueness of the quality of their products and how on-demand they were. The seller convinced me of the positive nature of after-sales services. Consumers were allowed to return their products within one hour in any case they had any defects. This gave me the assurance of receiving quality products from them at all times. The boutique had discounted their products and had a website. The boutique had delivery services. With such an advantage, I would be able to make any future sales through their website. I was satisfied with their customer service and decided to purchase a pair of Gucci trousers on that day. I also decided to buy more products from the boutique in the future.


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