Sample Essay on Use of Personal Computers in Organizations

Use of Personal Computers in Organizations

In a business setup, controls should be maintained to ensure efficient running of all the activities. Computer systems are installed in organizations for the purposes of saving costs in management. Business firms use personal computers in different ways to achieve many goals. A computer network connects all devices in a business organization. It enables the users to share information and data through the hardware and software devices. In most organizations, business computers are connected by local area network or wide area network.

Computers have various form factors, which entails the components of the motherboard. The form factors include power source model, number of ports and site of mounting holes. Business computers are designed to enable different servers to fit in most of the existing systems. In the past decades, most computers used large sizes of motherboard. They were thought to be inefficient as they consumed a lot of power and were very slow. Recently, small sized form factors have been designed and installed in modern computers.

Personal computers are machines, which require a lot of finance to acquire. It is also expensive to acquire them and training the users. The real costs of personal computers are estimated between 7,138 to 13,000 dollars by Gartner Group, which is believed to provide the most accurate estimates. Poor management of the personal computers constitutes the high costs of maintenance. Lack of management exposes the computer applications and software to the risk of damage. The usage of computers requires competent users who must be trained to achieve necessary skills.

A business organization encounters different kinds of electrical power issues. Power surge occurs if the power supply is above the capacity that the computer can hold. This condition leads to shutting down of the machine and can cause memory loss in the systems. The other issue is the high-voltage spikes when there is instant voltage rise up to 6,000 volts. This issue can cause data loss as well as damage of the circuit boards. Additionally, we have the issue of power sag. It involves the reduction in AC voltage due to system faults. These critical issues can be controlled by installing voltage regulators and power conditioners.

Computers consume different power capacities depending on the type of computer and the applications running on it. On average computers use between 65 to 250 watts. Computers with fast processor consume more power than those with slow processors. Connections of more peripheral devices increases the amount of power consumed. The activities been performed of the computer determines the amount of power consumed. Playing of videos, browsing the internet and digital editing require  a lot of power supply.

Power back up is very essential in operation of computer systems. They are meant to supply power in case of complete blackout in-order to allow the machine to shut down in the right procedure. The major power back up device is the uninterruptible power supply that is responsible for power backup and line conditioning. Moreover, a standby power supply is a device that functions when the expected power supply is disrupted. This device uses a special circuit that detects loss of AC power supply in the circuit. It then switches to an instant power inverter that supplies power to the computer.

Many business organizations have considered lowering the carbon footprint in their systems. This effect has caused climatic change and firms should undertake ways to minimize its effects. In enterprises, this can be achieved by reducing the amount of power consumption in their computer systems. According to researchers, by 2020 the energy requirement to run computers in the world will have doubled. A technology application has been developed by scientists to monitor power consumption by computers. This technology has led to minimization of the power usage by computers and other office systems. Through this initiative, the amount of carbon emissions has reduced.

Organizations use different kinds of motherboards in their computer systems. The types of motherboards include the extended technology, advanced technology, baby advanced technology and advanced technology extended. These different motherboards can be managed through installation of efficient bus system.

There are different update cycles for replacing motherboards by using the basic input-output system that allows a personal computer to load peripheral devices. The nature of motherboards has diversified overtime at an alarming rate.

Organizations have installed different central processors in their computers. The multiprocessing device performs various activities such as arithmetic, logical and input-output analysis.  Different types of microprocessors are managed through dynamic power management. This technique aims at eliminating unnecessary power wastage in the designing of circuit process.

The lifespan of microprocessors is estimated to be about 5 years. The lifespan of the microprocessor is determined by the level of cooling conditions. This is because the overheating of the computer affects the computer. The processors are updated regularly to replace the outdated severs. With the continuous updates, the life expectancy of the processor increases. Most organizations plan to update their processors before the computers fail completely.

Power management in computers can interrupt the speed of the central processing unit. The interference can lower the frequency largely. If the frequency changes more than the expected rate, the power system should be reset. There are two different kinds of computer memory, the primary and secondary memory. Memory management is very essential to maintain proper system operation. Failure to manage the memory leads to poor performance.

The life span of computer memory modules is approximately 5 years if well managed through the necessary controls. The business organization increases the memory size instead of changing the whole board. The problems encountered with computer buses and expansion cards are that everything has to communicate at the same speed. There are certain applications that trigger computer bus speed such as the bus rapid transit. They are used to improve the efficiency of the buses in their operations.

The organization concludes that the poor functioning of the computer is due to bus issues through examining the set -up of the bus in the system. Corrective actions are taken to solve this problem by providing enough privacy controls for all the computer components. The buses are properly developed and established in the systems.

The basic function of expansion card is to expand and avail features not available in the motherboard. In the management of the hard drives, there are several issues encountered is the lack of knowledge about the hard drive protection technology. Many of the organizations are not familiar with the provisions of the technology protecting the hard drives.

The size and reliability of hard drives has changed drastically. The hard drives with high densities have better speed of processing. Drivers of 250GB are more reliable than those of 320GB due to their sizes. Business organizations are not shifting to the SATA drives for more applications. This is because the actual set-up is extremely tricky. This business uses the small computer system interface, which is used to transfer data between computers and peripheral devices.

There is a warning from a hard drive failure such as irregular crashes, disappearing of files and longer waits to open a folder. The business uses two networks in its operations, the local area network and wireless local area network. The business experience several problems with input and output devices such as setting up security for input device and malfunctioning of output devices after installation.

The business has ensured proper management of printers and the printed documents through use of state of the art solutions, which are developed to control the printing. The cyber security has been maintained to protect access of information to unauthorized individuals. It also entails the prevention of unexpected disasters. Finally, losses of personal devices such as laptops and smart phones have been critical. These devices are capable of enabling coordination of networks among digital devices