Sample Essay on Volunteering Experience

Volunteering Experience

Fundamentally, the close relationships that humans share are intricate and mutually sustaining. Communities have a web of social networks that support deserving individuals in different ways. At a personal level, individuals make credible contributions to societal wellbeing. Volunteering at the Verrazano nursing home has enabled me to appreciate the importance of making meaningful contributions to the community. It is a credible institution that caters for the needs of the aging population with chronic health conditions. I volunteer for at least six hours each week at this facility. Generally, the experience is fulfilling especially because I connect with the elderly population on a very personal level. After each session, I experience positive feelings of satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

Besides organizing parties for this population, I take part in gardening activities. This is one of the hobbies that I enjoy the most. We plant and take care of a variety of plants including flowers. Watching them grows and attending to their needs such as watering, pruning, and weeding is intriguing. What is more, I enjoy the company of the elderly during this process. Notably, some of them understand various aspects of gardening that are unknown to the current population. The passion that they exhibit during our interaction encourages me to explore this field further. It is a learning process that has given me a chance to broaden my knowledge in gardening and develop important values such as patience.

Also, I engage in woodworking as well as arts and crafts activities. In this respect, we make various crafts including puppets, cards, masks, ceremonial crafts, and so forth. Also, we undertake drawing and painting in order to sharpen our skills in art. On a personal level, art and crafts have had a positive impact on my wellbeing. The activities enhance my creative and critical thinking skills. Unlike previously, I am more confident with the choices a make under different scenarios. Further, this has improved my self-esteem and made me open minded as well as receptive to new ideas. In the current competitive and complex environment, these skills are imperative for executive functioning (Hybes 51). Most importantly, this experience improves my creativity and innovation.

During some sessions, I simply concentrate on keeping the elderly population company. During such times, I enjoy constructive conversations with my clients. A significant percentage of them are informed about various aspects of social life. They have had different experiences that impact directly on their lifestyles and general wellbeing. In most cases, they are always willing to share their experiences with me. The lessons that I derive from their personal narratives are insightful and enlightening. Their stories are also informative as well as entertaining. These interactions have been useful in helping me establish strong relationships and lasting friendships (Hybes 55). Generally, they strengthen my social skills by helping me understand the importance of socialization. Further, I enjoy tidying up the rooms of these clients by making their beds, cleaning their rooms, and decorating them occasionally.

Volunteering at Verrazano nursing home is a fulfilling and insightful experience. I derive intense satisfaction from knowing that the contributions I make enhance the quality of life of the elderly population at this facility. Besides interacting with them during gardening, I tidy their rooms, engage in arts and crafts, undertake wood working activities, and keep them company. Every experience is delightful, informative, entertaining, and educative.






















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