Sample Essay on What do Good Teachers Want from students

What Do Good Teachers Want From Students?

Although teachers can never be the same, the things they want from students are not different. While some teachers are a bit lenient, others are extremely strict. Similarly, some teachers are friendly and approachable to students, while others appear very professional and unapproachable. However, even though different teachers can approach a similar situation dissimilarly, their main expectation is to derive the maximum output from a student. It is good for students and the teacher to treat each other in a friendly manner, but students must acknowledge that the teacher is not their actual friend. Moreover, teachers do not expect students to communicate with them all the time, however, they can have a good talk if meet in a public place by accident. This paper outlines what the teachers want from students to make the learning experience worthwhile. However, the main question is, what do teachers really want from their students?

To begin with, teachers want students to attend classes every day ready and be eager to learn. They want students to come each day motivated and prepared to grasp a lot of information. They also want students to actively participate in the learning process and to enjoy every bit of it. Respect is part of every teacher’s expectation from students since a respectful environment provides the students and teachers with the opportunity to leverage on every learning opportunity. Additionally, teachers want students to acknowledge the significance of every concept that they are taught. Other than understanding the process or the formula of looking for a solution, teachers also want their students to comprehend the answer. Teachers want hardworking students who have deeply invested in learning the same way the teacher has heavily invested in teaching.

Teachers want students to identify their abilities, strengths, and weak points. Their desire is that students can use their abilities to influence others in the class. Furthermore, teachers want students to acknowledge their weaknesses to continuously work towards improving upon them. Making notes of all the material discussed during a lesson is another expectation that teachers have towards students. Notes are important as they help the student to remember concepts as well as to revise for the exam. Additionally, notes are a crucial point of reference when the student is undertaking take-away assignments given as a continuous assessment process. It is the desire of every teacher that the students maintain a stock of notes and other reading materials provided throughout the course.

Teachers want students to complete the tasks that match with the instructions provided and the grading rubric. Teachers are happy when students hand in assignments on time and earn good marks. Teachers also want every student to actively participate in group assignments by contributing ideas. The essence of group assignments is for every student to contribute towards the topic at hand as well as to learn to work as a team. It is the joy of every teacher when all students pass the course and proceed to the next level.

In brief, teachers make incredible differences to students who are ready and focused on learning. The majority of professionals in various fields are where they are today because they took the instructions from their teachers seriously. In fact, a good number of those living quality lives are reaping the benefits of hard work in school, which was largely influenced by their teachers at different levels.