Sample Essay on Whites Swim in Racial Preference

Whites Swim in Racial Preference
Racial preference is a social term that was coined and enforced in mainly the United States as a means of ensuring that all parties, citizens, and groups are treated fairly and equally without prejudice. According to some scholars, this ideology is misplaced since they believe that the affirmative action laws that have been as a result of this ideology are unfair to the predominantly white population. Their continued existence and enjoyment of dominance in the distribution of national resources and tools of power as under the conflict theory, has ingrained in them a sense of need that everything belongs to them, and they must acquire it. This forms the thesis of the research. Has racial preference been successful in enhancing equality among the different races, or have the rules and laws being enacted become preferential to the predominant white population?
According to the article by Tim Wise, he attempts to show precedence that the white population has continually been discriminative of the black population and other minority groups (2003). His point is driven home by quoting the ideology and utterances of the highest authority of political and economic power in the United States, the president. In the article, president George W. Bush criticizes the Michigan policy as being too racially privileged to the minority groups. According to him, the policy is too favorable to the minority groups that includes the blacks, Latinos and American Indian, and is unfair and prejudicial to the white community. However, such an assertion is false and misinformed when the policy is closely scrutinized and assessed, since it shows that the converse is the case.
This makes the person mandated to uphold the laws and rights of the citizens of the US equally as being overly biased towards the white community. According to the conflict theory, those persons that are in control of the paltry resources, politics, economies, and tools of power seek to ensure that they maintain the advantages that these powers accord them. This is in spite of the needs or lifestyle of the people around them. In this context, the Michigan policy provides a series of points that university applicants gain based on their race and geographical location (Wise, 2003). According to white supremacists, including the president, they believe that these points are too favorable to the minority groups. However, once a concise analysis based on existing research by scholars and other pertinent groups is performed, it is discovered that whites get as much as 58 points through this policy, while minority groups majorly get approximately 20 points. Therefore, in this context, the ideology of the conflict theory is maintained.
Social control is a means used to ensure that society lives cohesively and with a promotion of all the rights of its citizens. Using the control through needs satisfaction, the government has enacted a number of laws that seek to enhance a system of equality among all persons such as housing, education, employment, voting, among others. However, majority of human rights activists consider this move as being irregular and reprehensible since the previous laws have resulted in whites having a majority control of all resources. This means that despite the creation of other laws, previous prejudicial laws still serve to ensure that the whites are supreme.
For instance, the FHK program allowed only whites to acquire loans to purchase housing facilities and build businesses between the 1930s and the 1960s (Wise, 2003). This has provided the current generation of white people with an overwhelming amount of inheritance that runs into trillions of dollars. However, considering similar families of the black community based in this same period, their current generation has inherited very little and still live in abject poverty. Humorously, some scholars link this scenario to cultural relativism and mechanical social solidarity that since the discovery and creation of America, blacks and other minority groups have always been oppressed and this has somewhat become ingrained into their facet of existence within the society.
This system of oppression is still evident in today’s modernized America since there are other prejudicial mechanisms for the law to be used to oppress minority groups. In the criminal justice, there have been myriad of cases that have been considered as having bias towards the black community. In 2014, two cases of blacks being shot unfairly in St. Louis, Missouri resulted in massive protests due to the prejudicial killings of the two teenagers in August and December, within the same area close to Ferguson apartments. Other cases of this blatant dismissal of the law through bias of the minority people are also prevalent in the prison system where minority groups represent at least 63% of the total prison population. However, proponents of the criminal justice system use the labeling theory to assert that these minority groups tend to behave in a manner that their cultural norms are inclined towards delinquency and criminality. Therefore, it is inconceivable to state that whites swim in racial preference, in spite of the myriad of laws enacted through affirmative action to control this malice and bias towards minority communities in the US.

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