Sample Essay on Why Middle East has Negative Reputation

Why Middle East has Negative Reputation

The Middle East is a geographical region that consists mostly of Arabic counties which are found in the Western Side of Asia. It is believed that the countries in that particular geographic region were named the Middle East by the British India Office in 1850 and it was mostly used to describe the area in the world between Arabia and India. The term Middle East has over the years been used to describe a number of countries, the Middle East that is known today is believed to have come to be known as such after the First World War. The Middle East, today, consists of countries such as Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Kurdistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The Middle East has come to be known as one of the most insecure places in the world. It is an area in the world that is characterized by war, crimes against humanity, and poor economic conditions among many other problems. A few countries in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates for example, have been able to rise up despite the problems faced in the area generally and to grow both socially and economically. The problems faced in the Middle East have led to it having a negative reputation.


This is one of the greatest problems that are faced by the people in the Middle East. Given that the area is largely Muslim, there are numerous Muslim radicals in the countries in the Middle East. The Middle East, in fact, is known to be home for a number of terrorist groups, these include the Al Qaida, ISIS which is based in Iraq and most recently in Syria these two are known to be the biggest and worst terrorist groups in the world. Other groups found in the Middle East include Mujahedeen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem in Egypt, Al-Nusra Front in Syria, Abdullah Azzam Brigades in Iraq, and Army of Islam in the Palestinian Territories among many others. Terrorism is one of the main reasons why the Middle East has a negative reputation in the World.

Terrorism does not affect most of the countries in the Middle East. This is majorly because the Middle East is mostly populated by Muslims apart from a few countries such as Israel and Jordan. The terrorist groups only use these countries as their base and their hiding places. It is from these countries that they get fighters and funds for their operations. These operations, that mainly target non- Muslims, also known as kafirs, and especially Christians, are carried out in other countries. It is as such quite difficult to hear of a terrorist attack in a majority of these countries except where the country has Christians or people who profess different religions. Terrorists in the Middle East have led to a lot of suffering. People are forced to live according to the rules that they set and those with differing opinions are seen as enemies and killed.

States such as Iraq and Syria have suffered most due to terrorists. ISIS, one of the largest terrorist groups in the world bases its operations in the two countries. The terrorist group does not only terrorize people who do not profess the Muslim religion but also those who are considered to be radical Muslims. ISIS has caused lots of insecurity in the two countries leading to poor living conditions, loss of life and economic instability. It is also responsible for the poor relationship among the two countries and other countries in the world because it has carried various attacks in different countries such as France (Spark, 243).

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is another problem that is largely felt in the Middle East. Though the Islamic laws forbid slavery of fellow Muslims, these laws are rarely taken into considerations. As can be seen from the state of a majority of the countries in the Middle East, there are numerous syndicates that deal in human trafficking (Morehouse 92). Human trafficking occurs mostly because of the high levels of poverty in the countries. The people who are subjected to degrading treatment and suffering see trafficking as the easiest way out. They are gullible to the lies told to them such as promises of better living conditions, jobs and decent salaries and as such they willingly leave their countries to migrate to others (Morehouse 93). Once they land in the recipient countries, their passports are taken away ensuring that they have no means of escape. They are then sold off to work in different industries. A majority of these people end up as domestic workers, in the armies, factory workers or even sex slaves. Some have even been forced into organ donations then left poor and struggling to make ends meet.


There have through the years been a number of wars in the Middle East. This has led to a lot of human suffering and insecurity leading to an increase in the negative reputation of the Middle East. The history of war, political unrest and insecurity in the Middle East, dates back to early 18th Century immediately after the adoption of the modern day Middle East (Hampton 25). The wars in the Middle East include, Egyptian Revolution of 1919, Iraqi-Kurdish conflict between Iraq and the Kingdom of Kurdistan and the 2011 Yemeni revolution. The most recent conflict that happened in the Middle East was the territorial conflict targeting the Gaza strip. This was a war between Palestine and Israel.

The high levels of insecurity in the Middle East have caused the region a great deal. There has been a decrease in the number of tourist activities in the area leading to a decrease in the levels of income. There has also been a reduction in the number of economic activities in the area leading to a reduction in the economic growth in a number of countries in the region. Most notably is the suffering that the people living in the Middle East have been forced to go through as a result of the insecurity (Hampton 103). These people have faced lots of violence and a reduction in the quality of life.

The Middle East is basically a very unattractive area in the world. Despite the fact that there are various humanitarian organizations in the area such as the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, ceaselessly working in the area to improve life and the conditions generally, much more needs to be done to avert the negative reputation accorded to the area. Other factors that have been cited as adding up to the negative reputation of the Middle East is the high rates of drug trafficking, dictatorial leadership and poor laws that do not do much to protect the citizen from atrocities.



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