Sample Essay on Working with Diversity

Working with Diversity

Position 2:

You believe in a higher power and in a spiritual existence. Only the highest power can know all of the truth. We live one life on earth and a different, spiritual life after death. We pay for our life mistakes, after death.

The existence of an absolute presence of a higher power greater than human beings has been a subject of many debates. Opponents of the view have long held that there is not plausible evidence to back up such claim. However, I believe that there is a supreme power in control of the human race and a spiritual connection between the higher power and the human beings. Despite the fact that science has been very helpful in giving proofs of concepts, it is important that we appreciate and accept the connection existing between us and the Supreme Being, and how the same is manifested in our day-to-day lives on earth. The phenomenon happening to the woman in the case could possibly be out of the amount of spiritual connection existing between her and her superior being with supernatural powers. It is true that in her view the windows and the doors are totally shut even though her colleagues see that they are as open as usual and they can walk in and out like any other business day. In my position as a believer in the existence of supernatural control over humans by a supreme being to whom they believe, the relationship between the woman and her spiritual superior could be the reason for this strange occurrence which only the woman can witness and no other out of the same spiritual circle. None of the co-workers can realize whatever is occurring in the woman’s state unless they are of the same faith and believe in the spiritual divide the woman is involved with.

Actually, a solution to this problem can only be found if a spiritual leader or a person with a divine connection to the higher spirits is consulted in order to reveal what the unnatural occurrences actually imply and how the same can be interpreted and solved. The truth is that there could be a significant meaning to the whole situation especially in the woman’s life or to the organization. the woman is probable experiencing a certain revelation with regards to her spiritual life that nobody else can comprehend unless a person with higher power than hers in the spiritual realm. Considering this point of view, the best thing to do is the woman to meditate and explain to her coworkers what she is feeling exactly so that they could find a religious person to bring back the woman to her normalcy.

Working Together and Group Objectives

I am working closely with my group members to ensure that we achieve the group objectives. As a member of the group, I am actively engaged in the group’s activities through collaboration to ensure that the group achieves its main goals. As a member of the group, my primary goal is to ensure that the group succeeds in its activities. Therefore, I make sure that I operate within the confines of the group’s guidelines. Additionally, my goal is to ensure that I improve my motivational and interpersonal communication skills, which are important for developing working relationship with other group members while also creating an air of collegiality. Personally, I believe that effective communication is the foundation of forming cohesive and effectively functional groups. With effective communication skills, I believe I can work different individuals within the group and beyond with relatively ease.