Sample Essay on Characteristics and Advantages of Autocratic Management Style

Characteristics and Advantages of Autocratic Management Style

Characteristics of autocratic management style

Autocratic management style is where a manager exercises full control of the employees and takes up all decision making activities on his own. In this management style, the manager decides on what tasks are to be accomplished and how they will be undertaken.

The manager in this case leaves no room for those under him to share their views regarding the work and activities to be undertaken. Instead he assigns duties and closely monitors the employees to ensure that all the assigned tasks are completed as per instruction. Although this type of management style is often viewed as outdated, it has its own benefits and some managers still use it to date.

Benefits of autocratic management style

The following are some of the reasons why some managers prefer the autocratic management style:

  • Easy decision making process. It is easier for leaders who practise autocratic management style to make quick decisions. This is because, the decisions stem from one person and hence there is no haggling over who has a better idea than the rest. This makes it very easy to make decisions especially in work environments where things move very fast and there is stiff competition from rival companies.
  • Important during crisis. Autocratic management style is very important in situations of crisis. Military men and women may need this style of management more because of the stress under which they work. During crisis, employees require to receive instructions from one strong leader as opposed to many leaders.
  • Monitoring helps to increase efficiency. Where there are learners or unmotivated employees, autocratic management style is more efficient. This is because an autocratic leader tends to be more forceful and strict with his work. Such a leader also monitors other employees closely and hence notices and corrects problems early enough. The new workers would learn faster under an autocratic manager. On the other hand the lazy and unmotivated workers will easily toe the line under an autocratic manager.
  • Streamlines the work process. Where autocratic management style is practised, decisions are made by one person and this reduces bureaucracies. All employees know whom to contact in case any decision is required. Once the decisions are made by the manager, they are followed to the latter and hence employees and clients do not have to shuttle from one office to the next because things are very straightforward.
  • Helps in exercising control. Autocratic management style is also very necessary in workplaces where there is need to make important decisions and also exercise control. Work places which are susceptible to danger such as construction sites, factories and farms require autocratic managers. This is because the manager will force the employees to follow the rules to the latter and hence minimize the dangers that surround everybody.

Autocratic management style may not be very popular with many people but under certain circumstances it is the most suitable managerial or leadership style. Experts recommend that this management style be used with workers who are less educated and manual laborers as opposed to the more educated ones who need room to be creative.

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