Sample Essay Paper on CNN TV vs. CNN Website

CNN TV vs. CNN Website

There exists a big difference between watching TV news and accessing a website for the same information. Some people prefer watching the news to accessing the news through the website because they can do other things as they watch TV. Others prefer accessing the Internet to get all the details about current incidences. This study will make a comparison between watching CNN news and accessing the CNN websites to catch up with the latest news around the globe.

Both TV news and website coverage of CNN have endeavored to bring the relevant information about the latest happenings. What an audience experiences on the screen are almost the same as what the reader finds on the website. In terms of scope, the CNN website has offered more coverage on both regional and international news, compared to the TV news. Taking an example of the report on TV on the missing Malaysia Airplane, has offered all the details about the progress while the broadcasting channel has just highlighted what is most important.

The CNN website treats any news with a lot of depth, as compared to TV news. A lot of accuracies are observed on the website since the reporter knows that the readers have the time to catch the details. According to Mullen (2014), the Boeing 777-200ER departed from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday at 12:41 a.m. and was scheduled to land in Beijing at 6:30 a.m. However, at around 1:30 a.m., the flight controllers reported that they were unable to contact the pilot. The exactness of time was lacking in the news. TV news may lack depth because the anchors would like to cover more news in a very short time, thus leaving out the details.

Watching the news on TV may not provide the complete coverage, as the audience would like to see. Sometimes, the program controller may choose to include some documentaries during the news hour, reducing the time that the news anchor would have used to cover the whole issue. On the other hand, accessing the website provides wide coverage, as one can read the exact time that an incident happened in case one missed that information on the screen. The author may opt to begin with the history of the issue before mentioning the main part.

TV news is usually subjective while website information is always objective. Although TV anchors keep on stating what is coming next, they rush through the news; touch on issues that they think will attract their audience. They actually consider their sponsors first before their audience. Viewers are sometimes exposed to irreverent information that, according to news controllers, will keep them gazing at the TV. Although the website may offer false news with no reliable source, its information is usually objective.

CNN news usually lays much emphasis on the main issues, and the anchors normally keep on repeating the main headlines as they continue covering other news. During the coverage of the missing Malaysian airplane, the anchors began by mentioning that the plane is yet to be found, as the families of the passengers in the plane wait anxiously for any report. On 13th March 2014, reported on what they knew so far and what they are investigating.

News controllers have a responsibility to develop graphics and images that attract viewers. Anchors’ appearance is crucial, as viewers are usually attracted to smartly dressed news anchors. One of the main advantages of watching the news on TV is that the viewer can appreciate the design, setup, and color schemes of the studio. Many anchors know when and how to emphasize certain issues. It is not unusual to see anchors getting emotion, as they report on some horrible incidences. Visual images have the power to educate and convince viewers that what they are watching is true.

In recent times, the delivery of news has changed in the medium of communication. Updates are announced as soon as the reporters can afford them. Sometimes there is no prime news on the TV while one does not have to wait for 24 hours to read the breaking news on the website. While comparing news on TV and on the web, I realized that TV news is more reliable than the web. One cannot dismiss pictures of what is happening around, but it is possible to dismiss the information on the net since most of this information comes from unreliable sources. In addition, many companies have realized that more people are using the Internet to catch up with the current news. This has led to more advertisements through the website, which deviates people from the main idea.

After watching the news on CNN, and comparing it with what I found on their website, I did not notice many differences. However, I prefer to watch the news on TV because it is prompt, straight to the point, and entertaining. Some people are quite busy visiting a website for the sake of news. One can watch the news while performing other duties, which is quite hard when it comes to the website. Anchors have a way of breaking the monotony of news by bringing some documentaries, which are quite educative. One does not require logging in to watch the news or having an Internet connection to access news. Viewers do not have to concentrate much while watching the news, as pictures come in sequent, and are self-explanatory.


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