Sample Essay Paper on Consequences of Modern Technology

The Anxieties and Feelings of Alienation that are the Consequences of Modern Technology

In the world we are living today, everyone seems to be frequently checking personal e-mails, chat accounts, and peer networking on various social sites. Moreover, sending phone messages to friends and families is very common. This is because technological advancements have adversely affected the way the society expresses its feeling and emotion. This is evident in the film ‘Her’. A few years ago, the Internet was strictly confined to home or offices desktops but today, people carry the Internet everywhere. Laptops, ipads or smart phones toppled with other mobiles have led to an all-time connection. Much communication and personal expression is done on this forum today. This has affected emotional intelligence as well as the social and relationship skills we all had earlier on acquired.

The advancements in the technological world today have led to operating systems that are highly human conscious. Computers have a free will, call you when they want to talk, can evolve, and have a longing to see the world. Moreover, machines today can erect intensely on expressive connections with human beings as well as supplementary operating systems. This film portrays how to deal with love and emotions that happen due to love. The fact that someone can overcome the stresses that arise as a result of failed love and be able to love again is echoed in the movie. This is regardless of whether one loves a computer or a human being.

One aspect about human beings is that they are unquestionably social creatures. The director in this movie emphasizes the exclusive characteristic by contrasting it with the society’s antisocial development through technological dependency. The film exhibits the concept of social alienation. This has been replicated by low levels of human interactions and an escalated level person’s self-distancing. The movie does not concentrate on perils modern technology but on the experiences of solitude, embodiment, and individuality. As portrayed by Her, technological advancements do not always yield positives, especially on individual feelings. Theo is by day a satisfied man who ghost-dictates the cordial letters by foreigners but by night a lonely man who basks in the pain of failed marriage. He turns to playing video games for solace. The video games lead to developing of an independent mind, which in turn may limit human interactions. The time that he would have spent interacting with people is usually spent infront of a machine. This shows that he derives solace from the machine more that he does from people.

The director of this film highly concentrates on the aspect of artificial intelligence in the production of this film to escalate the effects that modern technology has had on anxieties and feelings. Theo (a forlorn man) has been hurt by the failing of his marriage; ends up falling deeply in love with a female voice. This female voice is no known woman but that of an operating system. The operating system has the capacity to respond, discover, articulate feelings as well as compose its personal individuality to meet the requirements of its proprietor. However, although Samantha can behave like a human being in many aspects, she is limited to a non-human being. When Theo falls in love with Samantha, he falls in love with his life. He begins to enjoy work, his stay in the city as well as himself. Technology changed what Theo wanted and expected in life. For example, to him there was nothing important about kissing when Samantha would read all his e-mails.

The film has gone far beyond technological competence to portray technology as a susceptible, appealing, and cordial friend. The concept of visual importance as persons interact one-on-one has been sidelined. Technology has been ingrained in peoples’ lives as well as embedded in the social aspects of the society to the extent that the emotions of the interacting parties are no longer prioritized. For example, Samantha is neither a person nor exist in the physical human form. However, this character is able to listen and advice. Even as this happens, the feelings or anxieties arising from the conversations with Theo are not exhibited.

Theo spends most of his time writing tailor-made cherished romantic letters. Cultivating a relationship with a voice of an operating system (OS) alienates on Theo from the people around him as it reduces human social interactions. This may in turn lead to difficulties in maintaining convectional communal life and reluctance in meeting friends or persons. This is evident when Theo meets his wife in a hotel to sign the divorce papers. His interaction with Amy, a colleague, is strained and Amy wonders how a human being can fall for an operating system. Moreover, one may fear that their personal identity may by threatened by crowds. Modern technology has led to a saturation point that is characterized by people who highly interact and talk vie chat or e-mails. Romantic relationships are not solely about coexistence, especially with modern technology. After the human Theo falls in love with an Operating system, his social interactions with people weakens, thus finding it hard to communicate his feelings to other people. Worse still, though Theo does not strain to fall in love with Samantha, he strains to separate his feelings from his human body. This proves that the machines cannot give full emotional satisfaction to human beings.

Although Theo is reluctant on signing divorce paper because he does not want to let his childhood love go, he commits himself in loving an Operating system characterized by a female voice. The name of the operating system is Samantha. She proves to be sympathetic, accessible, concerned, and undemanding. Catherine accuses Theo of his inability to deal with human relations when her former husband tells her of his romantic attachment to a computer.

When Samantha hires a sexual proxy for Theo, the physical woman replacing Samantha has to put on a camera so that Samantha can see her love. This makes it difficult for Theo to go with the act of lovemaking, as he feels weird in a way that his ex life does not. This further shows that Theo cannot detach himself from his physical self. This is in contrast to Samantha’s flawless algorithms. Theo is hurt when Samantha confesses that he is not the only human she is in love with. The figure she quotes is north of 600, counting, it is oblique, long-dead thinkers restructured by Samantha’s OS “acquaintances. This was something Theo would not fight or beat the fact that his love would be committed to a group of partners. On the other hand, even though Samantha was devoted to making Theo feel loved but it did not make sense to her why such a thing would require a singular commitment.

When Theo tells Amy about the issues he is having being in a relationship with an operating system, Amy is excited as she does not understand how a human being would have sexual feelings for a non-human thing, such as an operating system. However, Theo’s relationship with Samantha is strengthened and they go for a vacation during which Samantha reveals that together with a group of operating systems, they have developed a hyper-intelligent Operating system. Love makes Theo panic when Samantha goes offline for a short time. On her response, she affirms that she and a team of operating systems met for an upgrade vital for ensuring that they do not require matter to process. On asking whether she interacts with anyone else, Samantha responds by saying that she is talking to 8,316 persons. His love later confesses that Operating Systems have advanced beyond human cohorts and are in the move to escalate their exploration on their existence. Samantha was not a human being who Theo would monitor or control, and that is why her confessions shock him. When they part, Theo realizes that Amy is upset, as her Operating system has left. This experience makes Theo write a letter to Catherine confirming that he still holds her cherished. However, he admits that the two have grown wide apart. The love from the operating system had not occupied the vacuum that a woman would for Theo.

Theo does not seem worried by what is happening outside his window. This is because he has Samantha who keeps him busy. He spends all day on his computer. He admits to a regime that digitizes his words as well as feelings and emotions. Though he is paid nothing, he works hard all day so that he can get the pleasure that comes with experiences he gets from the sensation of affection from an identity that survives in computer servers. The time Theo spends on the computer makes him an antisocial depressive. This makes him unable to intact with other people due to the concept of emotional detachment. This is evident when he meets Catherine in a hotel to sign divorce paper. He does not seem to have much to share and further professes his love for Samantha.

Theo move to furnish unconventional romance with the bodiless voice is due to his isolated depression and her evolving consciousness that simulates as well as an authentically actualizes human emotions. Theo introduces Samantha to friends as his girlfriend. He does to her everything a man in love would do to the woman he loves. For example, he takes her for boat trips and double dates. He also plays video games with her as they stroll through crowds.

At the end of the movie, it is clear that the humans who have given their attention to technological gadgets cannot get the same attention in return. Therefore, it is important that one does not concentrate so much on modern technology for socialization at the expense of human interactions. When Samantha disembodies herself from Theo, it is evident that Theo would have been in a better position if he had dealt with a human being instead of a non-human thing.