Sample Essay Paper on Database Design

Database Design

A well-written mission statement should be realistic. The second characteristic is that it is meant to be succinct. This implies that it should be a short statement, which is snappy to address the main point. It should establish a vivid focus of the design efforts.

A good mission objective should be current. It should be based on the actual activities of the organization. A mission objective should also be able to give an external full guidance in defining the various structures within the database (Harris, Ken and David 12).

It is true that the level of integrity in structure has a direct proportion on how well the design process is followed.

A logical connection is established in relationships either manually or automatically. Manually, the columns in various tables that contain identical data are joined. Automatically, the PoerPivot for excel can detect relationships between columns when importing data.

One of the goals as to why current database is analyzed is to give an overview of the type of data that an organization uses. Another goal is to understand the general flow and accessibility of data, as well as figuring out the elements that can be improved upon.

Calculated fields refer to the special type of fields found in a database that allows one to change elements of data easily. More specifically, whenever there is a change in any of the data elements, the information generated changes. Calculated field should be utilized in increasing the speed of operations through a quick manipulation of data (Lightstone, Sam, Toby and Tom 8).

In creating table names, ensure they are meaningful. Create a primary key on the tables and use se alphanumeric characters.

The guidelines for creating field names include creating tables with names that are meaningful, replacing the space character with the underscore character, and using characters that are alphanumeric (Cakmak et al. 7)

Poor field design can lead to slow operations and synthesis of data. Furthermore, it can cause a mix up and lack of integrity in the data.

The elements of the Ideal Table include:

  • It has a primary key.
  • It has no calculated fields
  • It represents only one subject. This can be either an event or an object.






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