Sample Essay Paper on Economic Terms and Health Care History

Economic Terms and Health Care History

The healthcare systems of many countries have been forced to change with the undesirable changes in the costs of living. For instance, USA has been one of the countries that have been forced to make changes in their healthcare systems for the purpose of meeting the affordability of the citizens (Goes & Savage, 2013). In summary, it is prudent that healthcare systems have changed from being client-physicianinteractions that are in an unorganized manner to being organized interactions between interrelated corporate bodies.

The economics of various countries have beenresponsible for the changes in the systems. For instance, the Gross Domestic Products, which determine the economic status of a country can be evaluated to determine the most suitable frameworks for the purpose of enhanced cooperation in the healthcare sector. In the United States, for instance, the supply in health care services and facilities appeared not to meet the demand for the same. Thus, there was the development of the managed care system, which was aimed at improving the accessibility of healthcare services at a better and affordable cost (Wolf, Hanson & Moir, 2011). In this manner, the country’s health care sector sort into subsidizing the production of the healthcare products such as drugs for the purpose of making them available andaffordable to the masses. Such a measure has been regarded as a move towards the affordability of the health care services.

In addition, the factors that involve microeconomics and macroeconomics have been responsible for the shift in health care management systems. For instance, the elasticity of demand for the health care services tends to affect the type of insurance coverages that companies an offer to their clients (Goes & Savage, 2013). For this reason, programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid  have been implemented in countries such as the United States. Medicare programs are aimed at covering the aged population groups in the US. At the same time, the need to sustain the lives of the financially unstable citizens has led to the integration of the Medicaid programs in many countries. Thus, economics is important role in the development of the health care systems.

There as also been the advancement in Consumer Driven Health Plans all over the world. These plans provide a framework to which the citizens should visit their health care service providers. For instance, the programs aim at making people to be more conservative in terms of their visits to the health care centers (Goes & Savage, 2013). It is the economics of the countries and the people that makes the governments to integrate such programs for the purpose of reducing unnecessary costs in the healthcare sector.

Another advancement in the health care sector is the developmentand integration of information technology in the provision of services. Technology has extensively been used in the healthcare sector in for a number of applications. With the increase in the number of staff members and clients, there has been the need touse other advanced means of record keeping (Wolf, Hanson & Moir, 2011). In addition, cases of physicians prescribing medications to their clients via video calls have proven to be successful. All these have been aimed at improving the provision of healthcare services at a reduced cost.

In summary, the development and evolution of healthcare systems in a number of places in the world seem to be dictated by the changes in the demand and supply ofthe services. In this case, it is prudent that all the advancements are aimed at improving the quality of services provided, as well as making the services to be affordable to many people.





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