Sample Essay Paper on Effects of Floods on Vulnerable Groups

Effects of Floods on Vulnerable Groups

Vulnerability is the lack of ability to manage the impact of a hostile surrounding. Many social and economic structures of different communities may be vulnerable to certain hazards. Individuals, as well as the entire community, should ensure a good relationship with the environment to reduce the effects of the hazards. This article discusses the effects of floods as a hazard on vulnerable groups in society.

A flood is simply the overflow of water that covers the dry land. Floods are associated with an increase in the risk of exposure to waterborne diseases. The most affected group is the young children. The infants are at risk of death from cholera and typhoid. Children living in poorly constructed houses have limited mobility during flooding. Moreover, the drainage system and the entire sanitation system are affected.

In developing nations, poor families are more vulnerable to the effects of floods. Infants are at great risk of premature death because of the economic inability to finance medication. Floods lead to the destruction of infrastructure and hospitals cannot be easily accessed. Low-income earners live in poorly constructed houses. Once damaged by floods, they face the challenge of building new ones because of a lack of money.

Additionally, floods may cause mental disorders among the elderly in society. The mental disorders are caused by depression because of the experiences they face. However, it is most evident in the low-income groups since they have no necessary resources to manage the situation.

The physically challenged individuals are intensively affected by floods. Due to their inability to move to safe places, they risk death if they are not assisted to relocate. The social setup of the community determines the destiny of this group during floods. In societies where they face discrimination, the risk of death is higher.

In conclusion, for a society to manage the effects of floods, its social and economic structures should be well managed. Quality houses should be constructed especially in urban centers. The provision of good medical care should be well-managed and general measures to reduce the risk of floods undertaken.