Sample Essay Paper on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

Since a disaster can happen at any time, I am usually prepared for survival in case of tough times. Here are some of the things I have done to ensure that I am always prepared for any emergency or disaster. First, I have prepared an emergency kit that consists of at least a gallon of water, a solar-powered flashlight, and radio as well as a four-day supply of non-perishable food. In my emergency kit, I have also included instructions on how I can administer first aid. I have decided on the supplies that I would require right away during an emergency and those that could be a bit less out of access. Those that are most important I have packed them last so that they are at the top of the kit. I have decided on a suitable site in my home to keep the emergency kit where everyone in the house can access it. I normally check the emergency kit regularly to make sure that every supply is still in good condition and working order. On my phone, I have downloaded an application that gives information regarding first aid and emergency preparedness.

I do not believe that I am fully prepared because it is difficult to predict what kind of an emergency or disaster can occur. However, I believe that I would be adequately prepared if I can sign up for alert signals with the local alert services to receive emails and text messages concerning weather and disasters or emergencies prediction. My local government provides evacuation instructions; therefore, I can listen and heed their instructions on any impending emergency or disaster.

Made an emergency kit- Yes

Made a family plan- Yes

Made an evacuation plan- No

Taken a preparedness course (like CPR, First Aid, CERT) – No

Purchased a FEMA Weather Radio- No

Scanned important documents and stored them online or away from home other(s) – Yes