Sample Essay Paper on English as the main international language



  1. (a). The US products are domineering internationally because of the English language. English is the main international language. As English is spreading through globalization so does the media products. This is the main advantage the media houses have over the other media houses in other countries that does not speak English.
  2. (c)Trade and foreign deals, improvement and adaptation of technology, and migration have been vehicles to globalization. The global crisis has not contributed to globalization. Crises are experienced when the global markets are challenged. This is detrimental to globalization.
  3. (b)Critics of globalization have some fear. The fear is based on the loss of local values and culture because globalization is related to Americanization. As people embrace globalization, they become dependent to Americanization that is a threat to the local traditions and culture.
  4. (c)Other than US and Canada, the second largest movie market is Australia. This is because English is their main language. Just like America, there are huge media houses that produce high quality products. These media houses also merge to compete over the rest. These give them an upper hand over the upcoming houses.
  5. (c)Hollywood films are widespread. The most widespread are the action movies. This is because they are unique in the market and are of high quality. This makes the products easily accessible to the foreign market.
  6. (a). This is because of their uniqueness. America has the best media products in terms of quality.Since these stand out, the products have a huge demand in foreign markets.
  7. (a). True. It forms the basis of entertainment cuts across age group. Since they are of high quality, the products had markets across the seas. This makes more than half of the total profits.
  8. (a). True. This is because control and ownership of the media products is mainly centralized. They are not widespread. Furthermore, the state of origin is less significant when it comes to the content and distribution factors. Most of the media houses have grown to produce internationally accepted products. Others have merged to form greater media houses.
  9. Interactivity
  10. Globalization
  11. Scientific instrument
  12. Homogenization
  13. i) The analytical practitioner. Confine your usage to a given area, for instance the customer service. It reduces uncertainty within the business and facilitates production of results.
  14. ii) Try to experiment. This strategy revolves around facing uncertainty. Apply the small tests to advance the detached functions and performances. Listen to the customers and the staff through the social platforms.

iii) The media champion

  1. iv) The media transformer
  2. There is need to track and convert the metrics. This can be done by conversion, amplification and applauding processes of the comments, shares, and likes in every post. Align those metrics into goals. These are inclusive of the achievements. Add these into the general goals of the company.
  3. Films and movies allowed people to come together and watch as a family. These were more interactive than reading stories and novels in the early 1950s. This was also based on the idea that they used to bring families together every time they wanted to watch a specific program. Therefore, films and movies were viewed as elements of unity. They also used to reach a big number of people over time
  4. Televisions and films are interactive mediums, used as entertainment channels. Through this means, the audience comes to know each other better. They are also tools of advertisement. Through this, so many products have reached potential customers.