Sample Essay Paper on FedEx


FedEx Corporation is America’s and World’s best Courier. It is a service based company headquartered in Tennessee, and it is involved in courier delivery. Initially, this firm was known as Federal Express until 2000 when the name was abbreviated to FedEx. This company was founded in 1998. In order to oversee its international package delivery, FedEx has invested heavily in technology. First, this company has many aircrafts that transport packages to different international locations and locally within the USA. In line with this, this firm has emerged as the biggest civil aircraft fleet; besides, it is the most dominant air freight firm in the world.

The company has had to rely on technology in its service delivery and communication to its customers. In the freight and courier industries, package and parcel tracking is very important. On this account, FedEx has deployed a tracking system that helps its customers trace the location of their parcel or package. Customers can easily check how far their parcel or package has gone through the firm’s sophisticated online tracking system. Secondly, the firm uses one of the fastest jets and vans to deliver packages and parcels. In fact, the reason this firm enjoys significant success is its ability to deliver parcels and packages within the shortest time possible. On top of that, FedEx has invested in security. Customers are confident that their parcels or packages will be delivered securely. Technology plays a significant role in the operation, management and consequently, success of FedEx.

The explanation of how technology drives the business of FedEx is an illumination of how vital technology is in the current business world. In fact, companies with the latest technology always stay ahead of their competition. This paper has stressed this aspect by showcasing how technology drives FedEx’s business operations.