Sample Essay Paper on Jamie Oliver Lunch Menu Proposal Review


Jamie Oliver Lunch Menu Proposal Review

Instrumental rational helps individuals to do things in an orderly and organized manner or solve problems in a tactful way. The concept of instrumental rational is evident in the school lunch program in the level of organization seen in the feeding times, and what is on the menu for schoolchildren to eat.

There is a lot of bureaucracy that is involved in the school lunch program, especially given the cost of healthy food in the country. Fresh fruits and vegetables are much more expensive than the potatoes that are used for making fries. A feeding program has already been put in place that funds schools around the country. For drastic changes that would require higher budgets to be prepared and approved, it would take a very long time. Jamie faced resistance for his “homemade food” for school lunch proposal because he failed to take into consideration the many factors that are in play for a health meal to be available with limited funds supply. Health food needs more time and power supply (electricity) to cook.

There is a lot of bureaucracy in the manner in which the food items prepared for students are cooked. Items first have to be tendered and a supply contract given, which is usually for a long period of time. It would be expected that the supply of fresh food items would be different; short term and more expensive due to the nature of fresh food items, such as fruits and vegetables required in large and regular quantities.

Even if schools were to start cooking healthy meals, the media aspect of advertising unhealthy food, especially targeted towards children would have to stop. The media has been accused of targeting minority groups like Latino’s and African American so that they can purchase chicken and potato chips from fast food outlets, such as MacDonald’s.

Weber’s idea of the “iron cage of rationality” means that individuals feel pressure to live by societal expectations, such as working harder and longer to make a better living, and even live by stereotypes. In this case, the feeling that life is a rat race would be aligned to Max Weber’s idea of iron cage of rationality.