Sample Essay Paper on Leadership and Performance

Leadership and Performance


Leadership is a form of power that is not meant to be used over people, but to the people being led. It is basically involves offering direction to individuals or groups with an intension of helping them meet their objectives and goals. Therefore, the leadership of any group determines greatly on the future shape of the organization. However, many people would argue that leadership comes from nature while others will argue that leadership is nurtured. Leadership therefore is more on how a leader reacts to different forces, and come up with a decision that will benefit its group. Leadership more of being nurtured that from nature. A leader’s main duty is to create a positive teamwork structure with its group, set standards and objectives of the group, motivate group members, come up with solution of conflicts within and without the group, and create a relation with all group members.

The selection of the right kind of leader in a group also matters, since the group needs to understand what exactly the main objectives of the group are and select a leader that is intelligent enough to make better decisions and regulation for achieving the common objectives of the group. Intelligence level perhaps could be considered by observing the personal character traits a person and how effectively the person can come up decisions meant to attain the set objectives.

Due to the fact that leaders will have different character traits and level of intelligence, there are a number of theories that are applied by the leaders depending on the tasks and objectives of their group, and also depending on their ability. Some of the theories include the Implicit Leadership theory, social role theory, social identity theory among others.


Performance is considered to be better when tasks are done in a group than an individual. When distributing task to different groups or individuals, it creates simplicity in tasks being performed as well as less costly. When people work in a group, they tend to come up with different opinions and select which would help in the group’s performance. However, in order to ensure that people give their all when in groups, it is important that they all group members are allocated some tasks and the leaders should come up with ideas that will challenge and motivate the members to work hard. Through this all members undertaking different responsibilities meant to meet the common objectives of the group, will be able to work harder in order to get incentives for their hard work. However, time should also be considered when awarding the best performance of a member of a group to encourage others too.

Groups outperform individuals if they work to create a positive structure within the group such that they are able to come up why decisions and innovative ideas that they think they are able to help the group’s performance. The whole group including the leaders should evaluate all the brought up ideas and select the most effective ones as well as allocate tasks to different members in accordance to their strengths. A group also performs well when they consider assisting the weaker members in different tasks. However in order to encourage creativity in groups, issuance of incentives to individuals and the group generally will motivate the group members to want to learn and understand more on the objectives and goals of the group, in order to come up with ideas and innovations that will improve their results generally.