Sample Essay Paper on Library System Requirements Specifications

Library System Requirements Specifications


Section one

Recently I came across a library and I was tempted to walk in and grab myself copy of a fiction book that had been suggested to me by a friend. I took about fifteen minute trying to retrieve the book and left the place disappointed since it was not on the shelves. That is when it occurred to me that there was a need for a postmodern library in terms of management system, such as electronic catalogue. A library which is not just about books but with facilities such as audio-visual support where one can do many activities ranging from reading both electronic and manual books to reviewing of movies and video conferencing.

Section two

In order to modernize that library from a manual system operated library to modern library with a modern library management system, I would need to acquire the following processor, hardware and software specifications. The choice of the item in the shopping cart is based on many factors as explained in the section three of this paper.


Hardware requirement- 16 GB RAM, 320GB Hard Disks and 8GB flash disks, a SMART Board 600 series, Dell Inspiron 14R (model N4010) specs laptops, HP Compaq Elite 8200 Desktop Intel Core i7-2600 3GHz, WIN 7 PRO 64BIT,  Venue 8 Pro 5000 Series Dell tablets, Honeywell 1300G Bar Code Scanner, Infrared (IR) mouse, HP LaserJet Pro 300 Color Printer, M351a – White printer, Epson BrightLink 436Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector

Other miscellaneous hardware requirements include universal serial bar cable, data cables, cordless QWERTY keyboards, USPs, a power back up (Automatic generator)

Software requirements- packages, Microsoft office suit, ResourceMate or Concourse library system, movie makers, Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

The processor requirement- 4th Generation Intel Core processors

Section three

I considered several factors when selecting the specific requirements. These factors are as briefly described.

Choice of hardware

The choice of the both primary and secondary storage was mainly based on the capacity. Since an extensive library system requires large capacity for storage of data relating to books, students, backing up software and documents etc., such large devices would offer maximum capacity. I also considered cost such that I did not pick hard disks that are not worth their price.

A system with enough memory would ensure web pages load faster, permitting operations of many windows at a go as well as opening large pages and documents quickly thus enhancing reading and research.

The choice of laptops was mainly based on cost as well as their durability and warranty. Dell Company offers warranty of two years which is relatively better than the other companies whose warranty is mainly one year. I used the same criteria for tablets only that I preferred more tablets than laptops due to their portability.

I based the choice of the scanner and the printer mainly on the speed. In a busy library, high speed devices would be requited. In addition I selected the printer due to its quality of output which would increase readability. The projector selected was mainly because of a relatively low price and interactive features for inputs. Also compared to other models, this project is relatively small increasing portability.

Choice of software

The choice of my software is based on their upgradability, compatibility with future software and my choice of hardware, reliability and accuracy. Here, cost was least considered since I needed just the best software for the system, a software with no risk of obsolescence.

Choice of processor

Lastly my choice of processor is based on efficiency in terms of output production and power consumption. This type and version meet this criterion especially in power conservation. Also this processor has great graphic quality compared to other versions of the same model and finally the most important factor I considered was speed. It has a very high performance which would enhance tasks accomplishment in such a busy library.