Sample Essay Paper on Planning a Career in Public Relations

Planning a Career in Public Relations

The two jobs are nice and present an excellent opportunity given that the pay almost the same. However, given that technology job (department) offers a better medical plan that the job in the firm, I would rather prefer to work in the technology company knowing very well that all my medical needs have been comprehensively taken care of by the company. Moreover, there taking into consideration the pros and cons of working in both organizations, there are a number of other reasons that would make me work in the technology company.

In is often argued that in order for one to work and get to the top, it requires that an individual first start at the bottom. Definitely, this principle of starting at the bottom perfectly applies to the public relations when it comes to either working in a corporation department or working in a firm.  Personally, I strongly believe that starting right at the bottom would mean starting in a firm. Moreover, I also strongly believe that if a public relations professional wants to obtain experience in all aspects of public relations, then he or she must strive to gain a better and solid foundation, which usually entails gaining experience from the bottom upwards.

Therefore, working in a corporation department offers much work and is as stressful just like any other job, but entails a totally different kind of stressful opportunity. The daily as well as weekly work in department is regarded for the most part to be consistent.  What is meant by the term consistence in this situation is that that there is an individual for each particular need. These needs can include needs such as event planning, social media, as well as press releases. In addition, each specific part within the public relations department involves a person who is designated to work on it. However, the case is totally different when you come to public relations in firms.

This implies to the fact that public relations in a firm never works on same things repeatedly and that they temporarily work with different individuals as well as corporations. A small company that cannot manage to have a public relations representative would consider hiring someone from a local firm, on a temporary basis, to take care of the public relations matters that the company required to be done. Thus, I would without any slightest doubt work in a company department, though there are various pros and cons for working in both areas, which includes the following.

Company department

  • Pros
  • High levels of consistency, which means that one does not work in order to gain more clients because the company reputation is already established.
  • Individuals are able to specialize in certain areas of public relations
  • There are always options for individuals to do a little of everything
  • There is often good pay, especially for large corporations
  • Cons
  • There is often a huge responsibility on individuals
  • There is common overtime hours


  • Pros
  • One is prone to gain a high level of experience
  • Offers on a 3-5 years level of experience for large titles at corporations
  • One is able to work with many and different clients, which also helps in building great connections
  • Cons
  • There are high levels of inconsistency
  • There are paychecks to paychecks within the firm
  • There are a lot of extra work load to build and develop the firm’s clientele community

Therefore, considering the above discussed pros and cons for both offers in the firm as well as company department. It is clear that working in a corporation department is much rewarding and building as compared to working in a firm. Besides, working in a corporation department provides one with a much more understanding of the public relations as well as many other kinds of strategic communication. The opportunity to deepen my understanding, which can be offered progressively in a corporation department rather than a firm, is most appealing. Additionally, as illustrated above, it is very important that after graduation, one starts from the bottom as it offers a better chance for one to gain more experience and encounter into the professional world.

This can be explained by the fact that immediately after graduation, one does not have the right expertise and skills to embark on high level positions as the ones that are offered in the firm. Consequently, this makes the job at the corporation department rather good that that of the firm, given that employees are effectively nurtured in corporations in order to acquire new skills and experiences one at a time and as a result, developing a long-term career prospect. It is also important to note that a professional career is not developed overnight, but over a long period of time. The above reasons are the major drive for me to prefer to work for a corporation department as compared to the firm.