Sample Essay Paper on Public Relations in The Fashion Industry

Public relations refer to the promotional technique that is concerned with the use of various forms of communication with an aim of creating a positive image of the business (Dilenschneider 2010, p. 18). It generates exposure as well as goodwill that is valuable since it helps in promoting sales and creating a good image. The fashion world mainly depends on the creation of trends, which are capable of attracting and retaining the attention of the clothes-conscious public (Easey 2009, p. 88). Therefore, the role played by a public relations representative within the fashion industry is very critical. The main objective of the public relations representative is to put the face of their client companies out in the entire world. This person is responsible for marketing the latest fashions creatively. The person often works very close with celebrities as well as high-end fashion designers in order to achieve this goal. He/she is responsible for formulating publicity operations in order to capture the attention of the public as well as promote the brand.

One of the activities of a public relations representative in the fashion industry is to promote the company’s products (Mullin 2010, p. 34). The most common method of product promotion I have come across is the use of fashion shows. I have attended several fashion shows organized by different companies in the fashion industry within my city. The most recent fashion show I attended was in January 2014. The show had been organized by the Paris couture, an international fashion company. During the show, the company was presenting outfits that can be ordered by potential clients. Usually, these outfits were more to showcase the ideas of the designers concerning the trends in the fashion industry as well as the brand image of the company. The fashion show was held in the exhibition hall of the city. The show primarily targeted the fashion journalists as well as buyers for the wholesalers, departmental stores, and another major market.

During the fashion show, the men’s wear show was done in a separate place from the women’s wears show. The items presented ranged from shoe wear to clothing. In addition, this fashion show was extensively covered in the media. The main aim of the show was to introduce and promote a new product of the company as well as the other existing products. There were instant photographs as well as videos of the items, which were transmitted to the mass-market producers. In short, the fashion show acted as an advertisement of the products of the company, which targeted to increase the sales. In fact, the show targeted to encourage the potential clients to visit the company’s stores in order to view some of the latest brands available at the company.

In my opinion, the fashion show was successful in meeting its objective. This is because it was only a month after the show but most of the products of the company, especially those that were presented during the show were showing everywhere on the market. Despite being new products in the market, the fashion show had created adequate awareness concerning the products and the potential clients had the anxiety of tasting them. The previous success that has been achieved in fashion shows as a method of promoting company products is the main reason why most public relations representatives prefer the technique (Morris & Goldsworthy 2012, p. 108). Most of the companies in this industry usually organize this activity at least once a year while others do it even on a monthly basis. However, despite this success, the public relations representatives can also adapt and use other methods of promoting the products of the company to achieve the objectives in a more effective way. Apart from arranging the fashion shows, the representatives can organize designer’s party in order to publicize the products. They can also interact with socialites as well as the editors of the fashion magazines in order to promote the products of the company.

The other activity related to public relations in the fashion industry I have come across was an article in the media. This article was in a form of response to the complaints from the customers concerning a certain brand of women’s shoes. According to the article, the customers’ complaint was that there was a high demand for a certain brand of women’s shoes but the company could not much the supply. Instead, the company was selling another shoe type that appeared to be similar to the brand. However, the customers had realized that the quality of the two brands was different. In fact, the second brand was of very poor quality, making the customers launch the complaint.

In response to the complaint, the public relations representative explained that the problem had occurred during the packaging process. There was an error in the packaging of the shoes, which led to incorrect shipment of the wrong products into the stores of the company. However, the company did not realize the mistake immediately and the product found its way to the market. The company only realized the mistake after the customer had launched their complaint, and the company was going to act accordingly on the situation in order to compensate the affected customers. The article also respondent to the claims of the customers who were complaining that compensation was taking too long. In response, the public relations representative said there was lateness in the shipment of the products that were to be used for compensation. Nevertheless, everything was in order to address the matter.

In my opinion, the activity of this representative aimed to maintain and promote the brand image of the company in question. Handling complaints is one of the roles of a public relations representative. The duties of a fashion publicist involve maintaining a solid affiliation with the press. It is his duty to respond to questions that may arise from the media concerning the company’s products. In line with this, the representative is supposed to provide explanations concerning wrong or late shipments, spoiled merchandise, and delayed payments to the company distributer as well as any other problem that may arise in the company or industry (Phillips, Bloom, & Mattingly 2005, p. 16). Based on this description, the article I read was in line with part of these activities. However, I believe that this activity of the representative did not achieve the intended objectives effectively. This is mainly because the article did not give sufficient information concerning the customers’ complaints. Despite this, it helped to maintain the image of the company.

In conclusion, public relations play a significant role in the fashion industry. The activities of the public relations representative include managing communications, promoting products, handling the customers’ complaints, and establishing links among other activities (Dilenschneider 2010, p. 18).

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