Sample Essay Paper on Referral Tracking Process

Referral Tracking Process

Referral tracking process is a system that ensures a close relationship between all levels of healthcare system and ensuring that patients receive the best-possible care at their convenience. Referral tracking also helps healthcare providers in making cost-effective use of health facilities and primary care services. There are two commonly used methods of referral tracking process, and these include computer tracking system and manual tracking system (Brunet, et al., 24)

Computer referral system is a referral tracking process that uses computer application to track the performance of patients. Computer referral system is essential in medical practice since it helps in fast delivery of health services to patients. It also reduces the workload in health care centers through proper management of records. On the other hand, manual referral system is the use of traditional form of data management and record keeping in tracking patients. Manual referral tracking is essential in medical practice since it helps caregivers in the management of patient’s data and information (Brunet, et al., 25).

Advantages of computerized referral tracking system

  1. Processing of information is fast and efficient
  2. Allows automatic generation of patient’s data such as medical history, invoice and admissions among others
  3. It is cheaper to maintain.
  4. Reduce the workload in healthcare facilities
  5. Patient information is secure


  1. Information stored in a computer system is prone to virus, power failures and hackers
  2. It requires the use of software and hardware which can be expensive to acquire
  3. It requires trained personnel to operate them.

Advantages of Manual referral system

  1. It is easier to use
  2. It is cost effective
  3. It reduces errors


  1. It is time consuming
  2. Lack proper record keeping which leads to duplication of data
  3. Retrieval of stored data is slow due to a large number of files
  4. Consume a lot of space


It is recommended that healthcare providers use computerized referral tracking system since it is cost effective and saves time. Computerized referral tracking also ensures that patient’s data is available in real-time and can be accessed at any location hence facilitating effective healthcare services (Straus, et al., 9).
















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