Sample Essay Paper on Several cultural spaces in Los Angeles


The paper describes several cultural spaces in Los Angeles. These comprise the racial, gendered, ethnic, sexual concentrations, parades and festivals. All these are accompanied by the maps and photos.

The Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the counties in the greater Los Angeles. It is part of the urbanized region and the combined statistical area of the United States of America. The counties that surround it include the Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino. All through the twentieth century, Los Angeles has been among the fastest growing regions in US. However growth has slowed since 2000. By 2010, the Los Angeles had a population of 3.8 million people (Marmer 151). The city comprises more than 80 districts and communities. It comes second after New York as the most populated city in US. Los Angeles is the focal point of the Greater Los Angeles.


This city is an international hub for entertainment, culture, education and tourism. It is considered therefore as among the world’s most influential cities (Marmer 149). The city is surrounded by natural features such as the Los Angeles River to the east. City boundaries also comprise of freeways, for instance the Downtown, the Harbor Freeway to the west, Santa Monica Freeway to the south and Santa Ana Freeway to the north. The San Fernando Valley consists of the Los Angeles and its environs on the northern side of downtown. Other areas in Los Angeles are the South Los Angeles, Harbor area, East Los Angeles, Westside and Wilshire.  In as much as LA has vast land with natural features, most of the country side is yet to be developed. This is because of the planning challenges associated with geographic features.


To experience the culture in LA to its fullest, one needs to visit the cultural attractions. LA has the greatest number of museums and theaters in US. It is also proud to be a place thriving with music and gallery scenes. These museums have great history. Cultural attractions include the Museum Row and Exposition Park. Collections of J. Paul Getty are at Getty Center and Getty Museum (Plagens 92). Norton Simon museum is found in Pasadena. For historic features, people can visit the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum. Gallery scene is also found within Chinatown. The Walt Disney Concert hall and Hollywood Bowl are among the greatest shows in LA. There are also monthly art walks that take place within LA. World class venues comprise the Noki, Greek, John Anson Ford and Dolby theatres, the Palladium and the Wiltern. Live music can be experienced in smaller clubs like the House of Blues Strip. When tourists want to enjoy free concerts, they can visit the Music Spotlight Series. More theaters ensure that there are more live productions in LA than in any other city globally. There is a wide variety of dance productions. These include the classic and the avant-garde. The productions can take place in KDMC or the REDCAT. The weather in LS is mostly favorable. This is encouraging for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing. The landscape makes it possible for artists to improve it. There are several architectural masterpieces and lush gardens in LA. This has extended to the Walt Disney Concert hall that is full of architectural designs.



Among the cities in US, LA stands as one of the best in terms of cultural diversity. The best urban art is found within the city. Filming and television makes LA the capital of entertainment worldwide. There are various transportation projects that facilitate easier transportation of tourist around the entertainment galore. Because of the beauty and serenity, LA has featured in many films and television episodes. This makes it a world more attractive place.















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