Sample Essay Paper on Structural Theoretical Model

Structural model& case Analyzing

Structural Theoretical Model

How it works

The family is seen as the basic and the most important structure of a population. In this case, a family is thus charged with the responsibility of molding the behavior of people. The theory deals with the consistent behavior, emotions and boundaries that are maintained by families as well as couples. According to the theory, couples will tend to have certain characters that will show that they are responsible of their partners. Each partner has their roles to play to ensure that their family stands. The model works based on the responsibility and care that family members are charged with in regards with other members.  Children will inherit the behavior of their older ones. For instance, a child will behave the same way that those who are immediate after him or her in the upbringing, who are the family members, will behave. This becomes the structural function of the society.

Different members of the family will be keen to observe the boundaries that should keep when dealing with other members. This shows that families work like a human body. A human body has several organs such as hands, legs, eyes and ears, which have different functions. The family also has its organs like subsystems, boundaries and structure. For instance, culture is one of the units that are crucial in a family. It plays the role of guiding people on how they will live with one another as well as providing teachings on the way of life (Giddens, 1994). In this case, it gives encouragement to people to stand with what their customs and norms advocate them to do to ensure that their ancestors bless them. It gives the strategies that parents should use to discipline their children.

What is interesting and useful

Under the structural theoretical model, a family is seen to be a complex unit where there are several smaller units that make it up (Rose, 1999). Each of the units has its function and the society becomes incomplete without it.  The family works the same as a human body works. The units that make up a family ensure that the society functions normally and that no sector is neglected as this would not be conducive environment for people to live in. It is useful in dealing with problems that will relate to the conflicting status of the units of a family. For instance, marriage has lost value in today’s society and this model will can help solve the problem. In addition to this, therapists will use the theory to solve problems that relate to upbringing of children. Parents who have neglected their children thus leaving them facing them every challenge of all manner will be advised on how to care for them, despite their busy schedules. Disobedient children will be advised by these therapists to obey they parents and anyone else they need to listen to.

How couples or families are suppose to work?

This model best suits in the issue mentioned above. Many people have lost the value that was attached to marriage in the past. According to the theory, roles are to be subdivided among all members and thus this creates enmeshment boundaries that make things predictable in the family. The goal of the theory is to increase interactions in the family that are necessary to change the structure of the family, where necessary and thus the boundaries become more permeable. Many people are considering marriage as a burden because they do not want to have the many responsibilities that parents are charged with in taking care of their families. Families are a commitment to responsibility as well as a sign of maturity. They help in founding the nature of the behavior that will be witnessed in the coming generations. Couples therefore ought to be companions to one another. They are to contribute equally towards their families to ensure that they act as the founding units of their families otherwise their families will collapse.

How it fits to my personal model

Being at an early age, this model fits into my model because it will help in creating awareness to me that family is a sector in life that needs intensive care. It will help me identify the basics of a successful family, which I have been able to identify as a role of the parents. It helps in teaching that for one to be a parent there is a lot of preparation hat is needed, not only physical but also psychological. Interaction in a family wholly depends on the relationship that parents have with their children. I have been able to learn that the only way to strengthen the relationship is by being close to the children.  This will also help in strengthening the boundaries that are there between the two subsystems. This is because; family involves incorporating several other lives in the daily life of a person, who need care and support such as the children. I am able to learn that the future of the society partly depends on the state of family and thus I have to work hard to ensure that moral morals are maintained in the family.



Bueller’s day off

Presenting problem/ signs & symptoms

It is based on a teenage, Ferris Bueller who is a student in college and decides to run away from school. His girlfriend and his friends accompany him. He pretends to be sick and goes ahead to give the number of day he has been in school in such a situation (Christie, 2010). This shows that the children are not able to act accordingly as they are not able to understand the boundaries that they should observe when relating with others probably because their parents are not conscious.

Some of the ss are


Rigid relations

Unconsciousness parents


Careless and fear on Ferris side

Jealousy and resentment on the side of the sister


Biopsychsocial (BPS)

Though his body is somber and is healthy, Ferris manages to fake some of the signs that he claims to suffer from. Though the principal thinks different, Ferris however is able to convince him and the parents that he is to miss school. He only wants to do so to spend the day with the two companions in Chicago. They are able to react immediately to believing that their son is sick especially when they see the clammy hands he had. However, there are no cases of disability or any genetic concern on Ferris. Psychologically, there is conflict in the way of thinking between the sister and Ferris. This finally makes the sister hate him after realizing that he pretended. The parents are unconscious and are not able to realize the mischievous acts of their son. There is fear and resentment in both the sister and Cameron, the friend and there is a risk of them committing suicide. Ferris on the other hand, enjoys his expensive happiness at the expense of his studies.

Social history

Ferris makes up a decision to miss school to visit Chicago. He convinces his friend to accompany him by provoking him. The friend tries to object him but he fails to succeed. However, his sister as well as the Dean of school do not believe and start suspecting the plan of the fake sick Ferris. Ferris lies to the rest of the school, who have already campaigning for him, that the grandmother to Sloane, the girlfriend. This shows that there were uncontrolled boundaries between the involved parties. Ferris was able to respect the boundaries tat existed between him, his parent, the girlfriend, his best friend and even the Dean of School. In addition to this, the parents have neglected their role. This is the reason why Ferris takes advantage of their busy lives, which makes them unconscious of their children. They are both at work and the work overtakes them thus making them leave their children without no one to take care of their worries as well as any other crucial issue that may be affecting them.

This makes Ferris unconscious too as he has no one to advise him of the right path of life to follow. However, the sister is able to maintain her conscious alive and becomes resentful and doubtful of the situation that Ferris claims to be in. This affected every member of the family. For instance, Ferris becomes isolated and hated by the sister because of his acts. The parents are shocked of the behavior of their son and are able to realize the mistake that they did. The Sister becomes resentful and hateful towards her brother. Cameron is instilled with fear.

Mental status Evaluations

When evaluation is done on the mental status of Ferris, it is clear that he was on a mission and had to use any of the means that could get him to Chicago.  He makes his mother nervous, who strongly believes that he is sick. Each of the members of the family is dressed well, is alert, is rigid to their decisions and opinions and is appropriate in age. The parents prove to be unbalancing because they pay more attention to their work, rather than their children. Ferris is incoherent with the boundaries that he ought to maintain between him and the school as well as his partner as well as his best friend. He becomes violent by provoking his friend who has no option but to follow any instructions that are given to him by Ferris.

Ferris provokes his friend, who tries to object the plan but he is not able to get out of the trap. The rest of the students are tricked and that is the reason they campaign for Ferris, advocating that he ought to be given a day off from school. This demonstrates the violent mood that the students are made to have by the euphoric Ferris. The parents portray an unconscious mood, while Ferris shows that he is rich in expensive thoughts. The Dean becomes doubtful, shows that his consciousness is alive, and is able to catch the three in the act, which makes him so angry.

Impression about the couple

There are various challenges that face this family. The children are neglected and are not happy in their lives. This makes them look for happiness and enjoyment from the outside, and this is what makes Ferris engage in his planned act. The family is not able to organize their roles well to strengthen the relationship between themselves. The sister feels isolated and this makes her victimize herself. She develops some hatred for the brother and feel sad of her situation. This shows that that the parents have not been able to find time to spend with their children to interact with them. This could probably help them recognize that their parents love them and that they are concerned about their welfare. Ferris and his girlfriend do not portray responsibility in their action. The three friends fail to attend school the following day and they head to Chicago. They misuse their freedom by missing a day in school to enjoy themselves. This implies that they are ready to sacrifice anything, regardless of how crucial it may be to have their happiness, something that Ferris misses form his parents. Generally, this implies poor parenting.


To solve such a problem that is described in the paper; there could be a plan that would help in providing strategies to approach it. This would involve setting tie for discussing family matters between parents and children. This would help in building interactions between them and strengthening the existing boundaries. This will ensure that parents play the role of taking care of their families well and effectively. A therapist would therefore be required to modify these interactions to shape competence levels in the family to reinforce positive outcomes.




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