Sample Essay Paper on talking about sex is kind of taboo

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I came from a Middle Eastern culture, so talking about sex is kind of taboo for us. Well it’s a taboo because sexual activities are based on issues of social, personal and religious beliefs. Sexual behavior being dynamic is viewed with a lot of misconception dependent on cultural upbringing. The dynamism found in sexual relationships is dependent on forces within a society making sexual philosophies differ with time in terms of attitudes and society norms. Because of these differences my parents’ are an open-minded people, they were ok with allowing us to watch some kind of TV shows that had some sexual scripts. Social changes and advances in technology in reproductive health are the current forces that have brought changes to sexual behaviors. Traditionally sex was meant for marriage, currently it is considered appropriate in steady relationships. Others consider it as a casual recreation which is acceptable outside a steady relationship. Unlike the traditional norm of sex, today sex is not related to marriage.

There was a traditional path to marriage, first it was dating and then the relationship went steady followed by experimenting. Marriage came before having children. Today this is different as many people live together before marriage .This has been because the need for human affection and touch is misinterpreted. Many people confuse sexual expression and the need for love. The need for love and attachment leads most teenagers into premarital sex. This is accelerated by messages of sex by the media targeting adolescents. This is done through provocative advertisements linking sex with pleasure and excitement .In addition peer pressure encourages myths of having sex without one knowing the consequences. Since I’m the oldest I learned from my friends. Almost all the people in the culture that I came from (Dubai) are recreational orientation because most of them are either in cross sex friendships or love relationships. Both of these relationships have similar characteristics: they are negotiated between the two people, they are voluntary and personal. However one unique quality is that in romantic relationships one becomes intimate with his partner. Romantic relationships and cross friendship differs in the type of emotional connection the couple  have for each other.

The most challenging part is to have a common definition of which type of love that exists between those in such relationships. In a heterosexual relationship there is a sexual attraction however people in this relationship might experience different types of attraction. It can be either consistent, inconsistent or multiple attractions experienced simountenously. In Cross sex friendships people experience varied type of attractions this makes behavior to be an integral part of communication for sexual satisfaction.

Sexual satisfaction has been associated with good communication among partners leading to high quality of life and general well being. However many relationships do experience deficit of information threatening the rules and goals for interaction. In many romantic relationships qualities and individual behavior contributes to satisfying sexual experience. Negative behaviors in a relationship such as conflicts and feeling unloved may not bring satisfaction. Therefore sexual self-disclosure and good communication is needed for sexual satisfaction. It is important for couples to observe their behavior and interpersonal communication interactions to be sexually satisfied. Good examples are with couples in long distance relationships who portray the best of their behaviors as they plan joint activities together. With the type of culture that I was raised in and religion, I’m allowed to do only a serial monogamy and to wait till I’m in a serious relationship, so I’m under Low-involvement couple’s category, I like it. It might be in somehow extreme; but I agree with you it’s not good to have sex with everyone that we meet

However young people in cross sex friendships needs guidance.

Parents influence on sexual behavior is important in fostering protective behaviors. This includes delay in sexual debut, use of contraceptives, low rates of teen pregnancies with low rates of sexually transmitted infections. Parents therefore should be armed with knowledge, skills and be confident and comfortable in discussing sexual issues with their children for positive outcomes for both parents and adolescents. For sexual harassment part, I agree with assertive responses. I think it’s the best way to make things clear and to control any unwanted relationship. Sexual communication between parent and children has shown significant impacts on adolescent’s behavior, sexual beliefs and attitudes.