Sample Essay Paper on The Importance of Measuring Enterprise Impact

The Importance of Measuring Enterprise Impact

Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Of the Work Environment

Measuring and monitoring the work environment is an essential factor in business. Different enterprises, such as Google Company, which I am familiar with, have developed their measuring and monitoring of the work environments. For example, Google Company needs to develop a measurement of the possibility of the increase in software and internet access demand in order to ensure the success of its business improvements. The measurements developed by the company include the possible accessibility of its users through the provision of stable internet methods and requirements. Another impact that the Google Company measures under its business context involves the flow of data with relevance to the social impacts of the company operations. Google develops its measuring criteria towards ensuring proper usage of information among the population by identifying the social impacts in the society. Social regulation limit the use of hardware and IT infrastructure to the irrelevant persons (LEFResearch, “Green IT: The Importance of Measuring Enterprise Impact”). Such would lead to green IT application and usage.

The monitoring of data usage and different member access areas, such as Google mail and other social media have been instituted through different ways to ensure acceptability and access to ethical acceptance of the company. Managing the work environment of Google has also been an essential part of the company’s operations due to its critical operation strategies. The fact that Google provides information safety and privacy as a way of achieving accessibility calls for data monitoring.  It is a way of ensuring a balance between the productivity of the firm and the potential impacts that it has on its targeted customers. In order to manage the environment of Google Company, data requirement is very essential in all aspects of the company. The company may need information systems technology that would be useful in ensuring the success. Managing the work environment of Google has been a central concern owing that it needs data concerning its population market.

Ways In, Which Google Company Meets the Demand of Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Of the Work Environment

Google has its strategies of achieving measures, monitoring and managing impacts of its work environments. Being a software industry, it has developed its information technology to track all the relevant data necessary in establishing positive development concerning its impacts. The company applies technological innovations as a way of increasing its data monitoring functions. The company uses online tracking systems in order to seek data concerning the social appeal that the community implies to the society(Henriques 12). The search engines can be monitored using these tracking devices as a way of achieving success in its ways of doing things. The access to the information monitoring tools in the company has been useful in useful in determining its social impacts especially among the youths.

There are also measurement efforts that the company applies in ensuring the wellbeing of its enterprise impacts. The company has its own founded internal reviews that use automatic survey software that ensures that there is a given way of measuring and monitoring its enterprise in the business environment.  The collaboration with other technological organizations, such as Apple and Bing has been applied in ensuring a successful review of their monitoring activities. The functional activities of Google can be monitored in ways that sustain development withonline surveys and referral links (Henriques 8). The central advantage that Google Company has in monitoring its activities is the virtue of thedevelopment in the software and information technology systems that are useful in enhancing the tracking of its activities. The measurement of impacts has made Google one of the best information providing companies in the world.












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