Sample Essay Paper Public Administration

Public Administration

Public administration entails the act of government thorough formulation and implementation of its policies. The government of any country is always charged with the full mandate to serve its people in the most appropriate way possible. It is to this stance that it has to put up formidable structures that would see the country in the realm of growth and development. The different arms of government like the executive, the legislature among others have the power to come up with suitable ways in which they carry out their stipulated activities. All the activities outlined above that are done by the government fall under the umbrella of public administration (Brown, 2007). This essay, therefore, looks at the in depth analysis of the salient features of public administration that always stands out to uphold its effectiveness. Specifically, the paper will narrow down to the human resource that forms the engine that propels the art of public administration. It will elaborate on the motivation of the staff, the staff training and development, and finally the performance appraisal.

The first vital feature is the staff motivation. As well stated by Maslow, the employees are the most important component of any firm, and therefore it is quite imperative that they get motivated in each and every way. The government in the implementation of its duties requires very well motivated human resource that would see the country move to greater heights. Provision of appropriate remuneration and at the best stipulated time gives the staff a sense of reason for working ( Holzer & Schwester, 2011). It is to this effect that the government has to ensure that the staff salaries are paid on time. Engaging the employees in decision making also motivates them by making them feel part of the government implementation project. In any section of the staff, the government should ensure that the hierarchy of needs as stipulated by Maslow is provided for to the letter. Providing such things as the basic needs always gives the staff satisfaction deserved. This in effect gives room for high level of concentration of the employees to work. Therefore, the achievement of the government goals will be substantial ((Khan, 2008).

Secondly, for the government to exercise in its full force, the work of public administration, it needs to offer proper training to the staff members. Most importantly, it should put out structures that allow for the employee growth. To this effect, there are various training institutes for the government bodies that equip the employees with the appropriate skills and knowledge for the use in their day to day activities. The periodic seminars frequently organized by the government for its staff allow them to be up to the game with the ever changing working environment, and this is a brave move by the government to streamline its workforce into achieving the very best in their endeavors (Khan, 2008). It is important to note that as recruitment takes place, the new staff must be trained in accordance to the area of work. This reduces the incidence of loss due to inadequacy in skills and understanding. This has the effect of ensuring a well coordinated culture of work procedure for the government activities.

Finally, as the government employ the workforce to implement its policies, it is quite imperative to form a structure for performance appraisal. Here the performance of each and every government staff is compared by the set standards of the work stipulated, and the correct appreciation or warning given to the staff. In this stance, it is important to note that the employee would be keen on his/her work. It will ensure minimum laziness at work place with more attention to work and clear completion of the work objectives (Brown, 2007). With this, the government will be sure that its policies are appropriately implemented. The government is the engine that drives the economy of a country, it is therefore quite vital that it at all times have a workforce that is reliable and hardworking ( Holzer & Schwester, 2011). A threat of sacking the staff also keeps them up to the game and strict layout of work schedules always makes them be on toss even as they carry out their duties of implementing government policies.

In conclusion, the public administration entails a lot as it contains different arms that must work together and in harmony to achieve the major goals of a country. The government staff always plays a profound role in the public administration. It is therefore quite imperative to give them a special attention if we want the purpose and objective of public administration to succeed. The staff should be motivated to realize appropriate productivity. They should as well be given a thorough training for them to carry out their duties in the most efficient way possible, as this promote their individual growth and development. Lastly, for effective public administration, the government must have an up to date structure for employee performance appraisal.
















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