Sample Essay on Safavid Empire Timeline

 Safavid Empire Timeline

Background of Safavid Empire Timeline

The Safavid Empire timeline helps you to understand a series of events that took place in the dynasty. The Empire was one of the strongest dynasties to dare the Ottoman Empire, in the West and Mughals in the east. It was based in modern day Iran.

It ruled Persia from 1501 to 1736 and united the successor Arab states of the Empire into Persia by introducing Shiism as state religion. The Arab dynasty was however overrun by Mongols and in the end, split into smaller kingdoms in 16th century. Before looking at the timeline, it is essential that you understand more about the dynasty.

The Safavids later in 14th century rose from Safaviya Sufi founded by Sheikh Safi ad-din Ardabili. The Safavids had their ancestral roots from Persians and their Kurdish and therefore, they weren’t Turkik or Georgian as claimed sometimes. The Savafiya dynasty in the 15th century under the leadership of Sheikh Haydar launched raids against Christian Georgia.

Haydar’s grandson Ismail launched Safavid dynasty in 1501 and 1502 with his military allies. Shia Islam was introduced as a state religion by Ismail and had his program that included forced conversion as well as destruction of Sunni Mosques. Ismail together with his supporters could not challenge the Ottomans and declared a theocracy for sometimes with himself as a leader. Safavids were defeated on many occasions until modernization of Persian army took place with the help from British. The role of Qizilbashi was suppressed as they were very reluctant to mingle with Persians.

The rule of the Safavid Empire ended with a civil war in what led to the death of Abbas III in 1736. Nadir was made the founder of Afsharid dynasty and others marked the end of Safavid Empire rule and death of Nader Shah in 1747.

A detailed Safavid Empire Timeline

1501- Tabriz is controlled by Ismail and is crowned as shah and declares Shiism as the official state religion.

1502- Ismail declares himself dependable Shah and Shia Iman.

1514-Battle of Chaldiran takes place; Ismail is defeated by Turkish Sultan Selim. The battle is destroyed claim of Ismail as Shah that he was semi divine figure and highly infallible.

1524-Ismail is succeeded by his son Tahmasp

1533-Otttoman Empire overruns Baghdad and Isfahan becomes the capital temporarily.

1580’s –the heir to the crown with other important members of the royal family as well as other Persians are murdered by Qizilbashi.

1588- Abbas I is elected Shah

1590-Abbas I decide peace with Ottoman Empire.

1599- Abbas I modernize army with British army and dismiss the Qizibashi and pays army to royal treasury.

1602- Portuguese are displaced by Abbas I from Island of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.

1603- Ottomans are defeated by Abbas I winning back the dynasty they had earlier lost.

1623- With the help of British army and officers, Abbas I forces the Portuguese out of Island of Hormuz.

1624- The Safavids takes control of Baghdad back to them. Nevertheless, Isfahan remained the main capital of Safavid Persia.

1629-death of Abbas I

1638- Safavid takes control over Baghdad is lost

1639- Qasr-e Shirin and Ottoman Empire signs a treaty while Safavid Persia sets or controls the Western border of Persia

1722- Isfahan is captured by Ghilzai Afghans and in a great invasion

1729-Shah Tahmasp II retakes over Isfahan or Afghans

1732-Under Nader leadership, Tahmasp II is deposed by his own troops

1747- The Safavid dynasty and his rule comes to an end after its reign from 1502 to 1747

Summary of Safavid Empire Timeline

  • According to the above Safavid Empire lasted 1501 from 1722
  • It covered the whole of Iran, parts of Turkey and Georgia and it was a theocracy
  • Shia Islam was a state religion and other forms of Islam and others were suppressed
  • Economic strength of the empire came from its location on various trade routes
  • Empire made Iran center of architecture, art, poetry and philosophy
  • Isfahan became one of the most of the beautiful cities across the globe
  • Key figures in the empire were Ismail I and Abbas II
  • The Safadi Empire declined when it became corrupt and complacent.



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