Sample Essay on Sikhism point of view on abortion

Sikhism point of view on abortion

Sikhism has been in existence for more than 500 years ago. The religion has about 20 million followers, and preaches devotion and remembrance of God at all times. It denounces superstitions and blind practices. Like other religions, Sikhism also addresses moral issues in the society like abortion. Sikhism point of view on abortion is that life is sacred and everyone has the right to live since God gives life.

In general, abortion is allowed under several genuine issues. For example, an expectant woman can terminate pregnancy if it puts her life in serious danger. Here, medical examination should be the basis of making such decision. Secondly, abortion is allowed when the pregnancy threatens the health of the mother. This means the mother is likely to commit suicide for continually remaining expectant. Moreover, religions support pregnancy termination if the mother’s family is likely to suffer because of the pregnancy or if there is sufficient reasons to believe that the fetus will be born with severe damages.

Summary of Sikhism point of view on abortion

According to Sikhism, life begins at conception. This means that termination of pregnancy at any time is ending life of a living being. Followers of this religion also believe that it God, Waheguru who creates human beings. As the creator, the same God has the power to end the life of any person. From Guru Granth Sahib 921, Sikhism followers believe that God infuses life in the wombs of women to bring forth a living human being in the world.

In addition, Japji Sahib 5 emphasizes on the need to identify God as the destroyer, preserver and creator. As the destroyer, only God should take away the life of any being that is living, including the fetus that form immediately after conception. Moreover, the Sikhism point of view on abortion is that God is the preserver of life. This means that God protects and provides for the needs of those who are alive. Thus, followers should not allow abortion based on preservation. Finally, as a creator, God is the origin of life and no one has the power to take away this life.

When does Sikhism allow abortion?

Sikhism followers believe that everything with life is sacred. Because of this, Sikhs do not allow abortion in the absence of a reasonable reason. For example, they allow termination of the pregnancy, if there is evidence to confirm that the fetus will be born with severe injuries in case the mother carries the pregnancy to maturity.

Apart from the unborn having serious deformities, Sikhs allow abortion in case of rape. Here, the expectant woman conceived by force and might not be aware of the father of the unborn. Additionally, because of the rape ordeal, the mother could be distressed and in danger of committing suicide to avoid the embarrassment that stems from rape.

Another important condition that permits abortion is when the mother’s life is at risk. For example, if the pregnancy is causing unbearable health conditions, then a woman has a justifiable reason to end the pregnancy. Therefore, Sikhism point of view on abortion underscores the need of prioritizing the life of a pregnant woman as compared to the fetus.

Discussion of Sikhism point of view on abortion

To address the issue of unwanted pregnancies, which trigger women to procure abortions, Sikhism allows sex among married couples. Sikhs also believe in monogamy with high moral consideration on matters of modesty and sexual morality.  The religion requires followers to shun lust, which is among the five great vices of the religion. In terms of family planning, Sikhs have the freedom to use contraceptives as long as they reach a consensus with their couples.

According to Sikhism point of view on abortion, termination of pregnancy is permissible under exceptional conditions, which largely touch on the health and mental capacity of the mother. It his however forbidden on a large scale because it interferes with the creation of God, the creator of every living thing. Since most Sikhs believe that life begins at conception, ending the life of a fetus would amount to killing innocent life.


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