Sample Essay Writing Services Paper on Behavior Change Progress

Social and Behavioral Health Sciences

Consistency and dedication to a healthy diet program have been instrumental factors in
realizing my behavioral change. In addition, motivation from close friends and family
members has been essential in this journey. In the first journal entry, I indicated that
skipping breakfast was one of the worst habits that I overcame. I am happy to report that I
have never skipped my breakfast meals as well as lunch and dinner. In addition, this has
improved my self-esteem as well as a good social life with friends and family members-
especially my parents.
Starting on a healthy diet and lifestyle was difficult at first. This is explained by the trans-
theoretical model which postulates that new behavior can be accustomed to through a slow
process. Over time, I have been able to influence my friends into a healthy lifestyle and diet
programs. It is evident that there are high rates of obesity among adolescents and youth.
This necessitates the Sensitization on healthy diets and exercise. I have achieved a part of
this through social media and face to face conversations with my friends. I believe that this
is a good opportunity for creating social change in my community.
By setting an example to those around me, I have become an influencer because many
youths are inquiring about healthy diets and exercise. This is an essential factor in
encouraging others so that they can adopt this lifestyle. Most importantly, schools, religious
centres and families should endeavour to adopt healthy diet programs so that behavioral
change is realized. This behavior change is indeed the best decision that I have ever made in
my life.