Sample Essay Writing Services Paper on ‘The Pillow Book’

This assignment will be based on Shonagon’s first passage- “Especially Delightful Is
the First Day.” Shonagon grabs a reader’s attention from the first sentence in the passage to
the last through her descriptive writing style. She is also conservative especially of her
surroundings thus creating an imaginative environment for the reader, (Shonagon, 2006, 3).
In addition, she uses a warm and humorous tone to grab one’s attention. For instance, she
describes how the people around her pay attention to their dress codes, imaginative
description of a calm sky and the decorated blue horses that throng the palace. She also
uses humour when describing how women knock their heads against each other as their
combs fall off, with some smashing them to pieces.
Shonagon’s attitude is that of an inquisitive, gossipy and optimistic individual who
lets no event pass by. She is capable of analyzing all events in the palace as well as how
people dress. She describes how some escorts passing by her carriage have rough facial
texture, unpowered skin and the horses that rear in a wild way. She further mimics how old
men seek favours while before Her Majesty.
From this passage, it is evident that she is not part of the royal family because she
only visited the Palace to witness the New Year celebrations. This is supported by her
admiration of the “lucky” ladies who worked at the Office Grounds and the Nine-Fold
Enclosure. In most cases, this is an admiration of those working and living in government

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offices or residential areas. In relation to the thoughts she offers, there is a direct link with
her daily observations as well as imaginations of how her life can be if she is given an
opportunity to work in the palace. Her writing compares to “The Tales of Genji” written by
Murasaki Shikibu. Their writings show the rivalry that existed between them in the latter
years as they lived in the Palace.

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Work Cited
Shonagon, Sei. The pillow book. Penguin UK, 2006. 1- 13