Sample Film and Theatre Studies Paper on Diversity in Entertainment

The entertainment industry is continually changing because of new technologies.
Advancement in technology has transformed the entertainment industry in many ways
whether it is television, films, or music streaming. The continuously changing environment is
shifting how entertainment is created and sold. The changes in the way things are made has
made other things in the entertainment industry clearer like diversity. The proliferation of the
internet has given the voiceless voice and people have been demanding for a more inclusive
entertainment to reflect broader range of persons and their preferences. This exploratory
essay discusses the issue of diversity in the entertainment industry.
Diversity is a wider term and it is vital to define it in terms of entertainment industry.
Currently, the entertainment industry is dominated by mainly white, and straight individuals.
There has not been more space for inclusion in the past since other people in society have
been underrepresented. These include minorities, women, and children to mention just a few.
Although the success of blockbusters with diverse films has started to encourage the
Hollywood to include women and minorities, the entertainment industry has a long way to go
I terms of diversity (Brown, 2019). The diversity report released by the UCLA concerning
latest Hollywood films indicated that although there are major gains in front and behind
camera, minorities and women still remain underrepresented in television and film.
Interestingly, audiences often prefer television and films shows that feature diverse groups.
According to Brown (2019), in all the 12 categories of the films that were examined, the
minorities and women were found to be underrepresented. The internet has provided various
groups of people with an opportunity to watch films that not only refer to their culture but
also other cultures for the purposes of entertainment. Thus, ensuring diversity in film and TV
show production is vital and adds value to the entertainment shows.

Diversity has some relationship with the entertainment industry because films that
represent people of diverse backgrounds are often gaining popularity than those that feature
only the whites or particular cultural groups. Essentially, films that include relatively diverse
cast perform better at the global box office meaning that diversity is crucial in film casting.
Notably, films that included 20% minority cast have fared strongly well in the global box
office (Brown, 2019). Despite overall reports indicating that women and minorities are less
represented in the film cast, there are other reports that show improvement in the inclusion of
women and minorities in film casting. For instance, one report indicated that women gained
seven of the employment’s categories compare to their male counterparts including the film
directors. The inclusion is good news to the entertainment producers as this will allow a
broader audience to view the films hence increasing the revenue. Although the minorities and
women have been included in several fronts in the film industry, they are underrepresented in
the film writers, digital realty, cable scripted leads and other leads.
According to Dobrow, Gidney, & Burton (2018), children are another group of
audience that is under represented in TV shows and film industry. Despite Black panther and
A wrinkle in Time films performing well and being praised as futuristic cast, they
underrepresent children who need to watch diverse and more characters in the films and TV
shows. Although there is progress in the inclusion of children in the film casting, research
indicates that there are broader disparities between the number of male and female actors and
the number of black and white characters in most films. In one analysis of over 1100
characters in 20 children programs, only 42 characters were black and others 47 belonged to
other groups apart from the white (Dobrow, Gidney, & Burton, 2018). This implies that the
films children see in TV programs is out of their real environments. The stereotypes
portrayals in the children programs means that still children are underrepresented in the film
casting. To ensure diversity among the programs the children see on television, it is important

to include several characters representing race, gender and age to make them enjoy and
consume their TV shows more effectively so that they can relate the shows with their real
Despite the fact that female characters in the children’s TV programs were still less,
there is an improvement which shows that the entertainment industry has today started to
factor diversity as one of the key aspects of film casting. In addition, there is more
representation in racial and ethnic diversity since black characters account for 5.6% of the
total sample of 1500 characters (Dobrow, Gidney, & Burton, 2018). However, it is depressing
to note that diversity in film casting has a long way to go since the African-American
characters only represented 13.3% of the U.S population while the Latinos made up of 17.8%
of the population. This finding was consistent with Brown (2019) who found that stereotypes
exists in the way the characters are portrayed. In particular, such characters are portrayed as
“bad guys”, and poor in American accent and dialects.
The analysis of the film Crazy Rich Asians indicated that the film has gained
popularity because of including diversity in its casting (Chiu, 2019). The filmgoers liked the
movie because it featured several demographics including gender, age, race, and ethnic
diversity. The inclusion of diverse characters in the film indicates that technological
advancement in the film industry has helped in the inclusion of diversity and people of
various demographics and cultural backgrounds can still be interested in the films. Evidently,
the casting films including diversity can help in making them more interesting and
entertaining. Including diversity in front and behind the camera is one way of enhancing the
entertainment industry. The more diverse the characters the better the outcome for filmgoers.
Thus, the broader and the diverse environment for the entertainment the better. Diversity
provides the spotlight for the individual who are underrepresented and makes them feel
appreciated and worthy existing (Chiu, 2019).

Conclusively, diversity in the entertainment industry is at the baby stage. Although
the current films have started to include the minority, women, and children in their film
production, a lot needs to be done to ensure that all groups of individuals are represented to
make them feel worthy and represented in society. With the internet providing important
avenues for the filmmakers to reach a broader audience, diversity is paramount.


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