Sample Health Assignment on Care Describe the environment that brought this health care concern to the forefront

This is a formal paper and should be written according to APA (2020) professional format. All items of the rubric must be fully addressed.

Written analysis of a policy issue currently or recently addressed as legislation (a bill) within the last 18 months in a state legislature or in Congress addressing a healthcare concern

1. Identify a health care issue affecting advanced practice nurses for which legislation has currently or recently been proposed or passed in a state legislature or in Congress. The bill should be no older than 18 months old. The bills should relate to your DNP project. For this #1, you must also specifically address a, b, and c. 1a. Provide the number of the bill, the title of the bill, and the date of the bill. 1b. Describe how the chosen piece of legislation will specifically affect your practice as an advanced practice nurse. 1c. Expand ‘1b’ by sharing the purpose of your DNP project and the relationship and/or impact this chosen bill has on your DNP Project.

2. Describe the environment that brought this health care concern to the forefront: a. historical, b. sociocultural, c. ethical, d. economic, e. political, and f. legislative. Address each item (a, b, c, d, e, f) individually.

3. Identify difficulties encountered and tactics used to propel the legislation forward. Please identify difficulties and tactics. Include identification and activities of stakeholder group(s) opposed to or supportive of the legislation including such as bill sponsors, industries manufacturing healthcare products or technology, consumers of health care, and provider of care – both professionals and institutions. If the legislation has not been passed, discuss pessimistic and optimistic timelines set to achieve the goal.

4. Indicate how the legislation will be or has been evaluated for effect on consumers and providers of care. Include both positive and negative effects.

5. Compare the policy goal addressed by the bill with how the same goal is achieved in another country.

6. Suggest options for refining/changing the measures/programs in the legislation to improve policy outcomes.

Papers should not exceed 9 pages in length (excluding title page, abstract, and reference page) and should be typed in 12 point type and reference in APA Professional format style following the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

A minimum of six references including at least two scholarly journal articles must be used.

Papers are expected to be of publishable quality. The DNP Writing rubric will be applied as a component of the grading of this paper.

A title page, abstract, and reference page should be included–these are not included in the 9 pages. Headings must be used in the paper. It is suggested headings relate to the criteria for this assignment.

The information needed to write this paper is found in your textbook readings, the actual bill, and through your synthesis of the knowledge from this course. This paper is a graduate, i.e. doctoral, level analysis of a piece of legislation. Take the time necessary to write a professional paper–this paper may take 20-30 hours to write including the research time.

Dr. Matt Howard has created an extremely informative YouTube video that provides detailed, criteria by criteria guidance. Please take the time to watch this short video. This will be invaluable as you complete this assignment, which is worth 30% of your course grade. Here is the link

Health Policy Paper Rubric

_____ (15) 1. Legislative Issue Identified _____(4), Affect on Advanced Practice Nursing _____ (4), Relationship to DNP Project _____(4), and Bill # and Title _____ (3)

_____ (10) 2. Environment: Historical _____( 2), Sociocultural _____ (2), Economic _____ (2), Ethical____(2), and Political/Legislative _____ (2)

_____ (13) 3. 3A. Difficulties Encountered and Tactics Used____(5) If bill is passed, provide the date passed. Identify at least one activity that contributed to the passing of the bill. This is worth 5 points. OR If the bill is not passed, you must provide both the Optimistic and Pessimistic timeline for passage. Identify at least one activity that was a difficulty encountered that prevented the bill from passing. This is worth 5 points. 3B. Identification AND Activities of Stakeholders_____(6); and 3C. Name of bill sponsor(s) _____(2),

_____ (10) 4. How bill will be evaluated for effects on consumers and providers _____ (4), Positive Effects of bill _____ (3), and Negative Effects of bill _____ (3)

_____ (10) 5. How is issue/goal accomplished in another country?

_____ (12) 6. Two or more options for refining or changing the bill to improve the outcomes

_____ (30) 7. Compliance with DNP Evaluation Rubric for Papers

Discipline: Healthcare