Sample Health Care Essay Paper on DSM 5 Diagnosis-Nahla

DSM-5 criteria offer the listing of disorders and conditions for 2020 submision.F06.4
represents the medical treatment for anxiety disorders for physiological conditions. Additional
conditions which need clinical attention, mental illness, substance abuse.
 Z56.9 Other Problem Related to Employment
 Z56.82 Problem Related to Current Military Deployment Status
 Z63.0 Relationship Distress with a spouse or intimate partner
Nahla’s increased anxiety disorders have been consistent over the previous years. The
anxiety symptoms that the patient suffers have been manageable for the past few months. During
this period, she has been able to calm symptoms such as extreme discomfort, feeling dizzy,
sweating, nausea, as well as issues in breathing. The symptoms have been recurring, making it
difficult for Nahla to pay regular visits to her friends since she claims that their homes are not
perfectly cleaned. The symptoms have affected her social life and other occupational
opportunities. The decline of visiting her friends show the extent of anxiety the lady is facing.
The unending symptoms have resulted in the prolonged use of substances such as marijuana
from the time she was in college. The anxiety and mental disorder symptoms have a relation with
her social drinking habit (American Psychiatric Association).
The basic assessment, such as clinical examination and checking Nahla well being is
essential to get several tests and oral exercises from the patient. The medical history, substance

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use and anxiety issues are among the data which the medical team will obtain from performing
the assessments. The main aim of the assessment is to have sufficient data collected on various
variables which will help in determining the best-personalized treatment. The best approach on
how to deal with Nahla anxiety health problems is achieved if the treatment team practice
empathy and hope aspects. Inspirational interviews are worth investing in helping Nahla
understands why she needs to stop the use of substances such as marijuana.
Introducing cognitive therapy would assist Nahla to learn extensively on substance use
withdrawal and have the actions on the use discussed. Social groups will also help the patient
overcome some of the anxiety disorders symptoms as she will be engaged. The evidence-based
treatment and behavioural therapy will help Nahla to over substance addiction and anxiety
disorders. The DSM-5 spectrum recommends the evidence-based treatment the best for treating
anxiety disorders until full recovery (Morrison).

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