Sample Health Essay Paper on Advert’s Appeal to Consumers

Advert’s Appeal to Consumers

The anti-smoking advert is very well designed both graphically and textually in order to attract and appeal to the targeted audience. The usage of a female model is bound to get the attention of males, while the trendy clothing adorned by the model is more likely to get noticed by the females. The use of black and white pictures is used to project the usefulness of the message and the possible repercussions of failing to adhere to it. It also contributes to the advert appearing mature and devoid of distractions that would result if the advert were to use photos with color. The text used is minimized, precise and gets to the point. There are no lengthy explanations or descriptions using text and this is favorable to the consumers that might not have much time to inspect the advert keenly.

In addition to the text being brief, it has employed the usage of a metaphor. The metaphor used is “killing a cigarette.” This is followed by a contradiction in that one is supposed to kill a cigarette in order to save a life. The sentence is short for a dramatic effect, and informs the audience that the life to be saved is actually theirs. The most interesting part of the advert is the graphics presented using the supposed smoke from a cigarette. The first picture of the advert shows the smoke forming a noose around the neck of the smoker. In the second photo, the smoke is depicted taking the shape of a knife that is about to slit the wrists of the smoker. The actions that the smoke is presented as doing or about to do are usually associated with suicides. Therefore, this sends a message to the consumer that smoking is tantamount to suicide.