Sample Healthcare Essay Assignment on Project Management week 8

The Signature Assignment gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the principles covered in this course and to apply what you have learned to a project of your choice. Part II: Submit a 3- to 5-page paper, excluding the Title and References pages and the Appendix section. This paper will provide additional project information for the project you identified last week in Part 1. Your paper must include the following and follow APA formatting and citation. Title page Describe the project: Goals and milestones Describe the following, explaining their purpose in project management: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Project Scheduling Phases Establishing project priorities Resource Allocation (include information on your project, as well as a Responsibility Matrix table) Communication Plan (include information on your project in the description) References page \”Appendix\” section for your project Project Schedule (you can use the table in the example paper below, inserting your project information) Budget Table (table or diagram showing project costs) AON (Activity on Network Diagram) WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Diagram