Sample Healthcare Essay on Euthanasia moral issues

Euthanasia moral issues

There are various ethical issues surrounding euthanasia. Euthanasia is among the most divisive healthcare topics in contemporary healthcare. Regardless of the arguments against euthanasia, it should be legalized because of the satisfactory moral arguments for it, especially when it is undertaken for the sake of saving terminally ill patients from unnecessary suffering.

One of the ethical issues that are associated with euthanasia is whether there would be effective regulation of its use once it is legalized. Religious groups also suggest that euthanasia is sacred, and thus, not even the person having it has the right to take it away. Furthermore, suicide is considered to be immoral in most societies. Therefore, legalizing euthanasia would portray the message that it is right for people to bring an end to their lives. On the other hand, supporters of euthanasia argue that it should be legalized because it can bring an end to the misery that is associated with living with terminal illnesses. There is also the argument that people should be given the right to do with their lives as they wish, including bringing them to an end.

One of the state laws that support euthanasia in the US is the Maine Death with Dignity Act. This law provides procedures under which individuals with terminal illnesses can go through euthanasia (Campbell, 2019). Notably, the law only allows assisted suicide for patients who are suffering from terminal illnesses and have little time to live. The use of euthanasia should be restricted to when it is about saving patients from unnecessary physical and psychological suffering and not any other reason that one might have for wanting to undergo euthanasia.


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