Sample Healthcare Essay Paper on Health Habits

Healthy Habits

Every time I strive for optimal well-being and health, free from major illnesses as I wish to live my life energetically, actively, and fully in a state of the most favorable personal, interpersonal and environmental comfort. I have taken charge of my health and believe that I am on the path to good health. I understand that good health is mainly determined by the decisions I make regarding how I live my life, therefore, below are some ways that can make a difference and improve my lifestyle.

The diet that I take contributes significantly to my physical well-being; hence, I normally choose the right foods by ensuring they are balanced and full of nutrients. I make sure the food has a variety of fats but is free of cholesterol because I know it can lead to devastating effects on my heart. I take fruits and vegetables because they contain essential minerals and vitamins that the body requires to operate optimally. I do not take large portions of meat with high content of fat because it could also lead to cholesterol build-up in the blood. In this case, I opt for low-fat protein sources like legumes and chicken, which reduces the overall saturated cholesterol and fats I take. On realizing that carbohydrates are also a crucial part of every diet, I include some grain products that contain high amounts of fiber.

On the other hand, I engage in regular body exercises, which offer several positive benefits in my life as they reduce the risks of contracting some diseases and injuries. When I cannot afford to go to places like fitness camps and gyms, I normally take long walks, play my favorite sport, and dance for a few hours a week. I have learned that exercises improve the rate of heartbeat, blood flow, and the general health of the heart. I also realize that exercises reduce fat build-up in the body.

Even though harmful habits, such as drinking and smoking, are said to help provide temporary relief when one is stressed, in the long run they create other problems in one’s life. With this in mind, I avoid them in my life. Whenever I go through stressful situations, I make sure I do not go for unhealthy activities that can provide instant relief, but instead, I seek advice from my parents and close friends. Even if to some extent I take alcohol, I make sure I do not overindulge because much of it can land me into more trouble like contracting cancer and liver diseases.

Likewise, I have endeavored to ensure that I make good decisions as well as responsible choices concerning sexual activity because I know it can lead me to immediate and long-lasting implications on my health. I am usually very sensitive to the relationships I create with my friends of the opposite sex and I have decided to abstain until marriage. This is to protect me from sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, emotional wellness is important to everybody’s general health, so I strive to manage stress, have self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-control, and satisfying relationships. In order to improve my health, I frequently monitor and explore my feelings and thoughts as I identify any obstacle to emotional health and also find solutions to the emotional issues that I may be facing by seeking help from a therapist. These habits I develop and the decisions I make can largely determine the years I will live and also the quality of life in my lifetime.