Sample History Discussion Essay Assignment on A day in 20th Century American history

Paper topic is highlighted in the instruction. universal deceleration of human rights

Final Research Paper: Assignment Guide
U.S. History: Research Paper Guidelines
Write a persuasive essay about the following prompt:
Which day in 20th Century American history has had the most profound impact on
shaping the country as we know it today?
Chosen Topic: 20th century, December 10, 1948, the day the
Universal Declaration of Human rights
Choose and research one important day in US history from the 20th century. You should
research what the profound impact(s) were–how it shaped or changed the US to what the
country is like today–and why you believe this day had the most profound impact, more than
any other day in 20th century American history.
• Your paper should use an essay format and include: a thesis statement in your introduction, a
paragraph for each of the main points of your thesis, and a conclusion. It should be a
minimum of 5 paragraphs in length.
• You should use at least 3 outside sources to help you give background on your day/event and
to support your opinion.
• You will use MLA in-text citations (we will go over how to use these in class) and create a
“Works Cited” page that includes ONLY the sources that you have used directly in your
• Format: MLA style including a title, 12pt Times New Roman Font, and double-spaced Word
.doc or .docx
• You must find at least 3 credible academic sources to use in your paper.
• At least 1 of the sources must be a book (can be an e-book)