Sample History Essay On Background of prohibition

Question 1: Background of prohibition
Prohibition dates back in 1893 when the prohibition movement was strengthened. The movements involved the Women Christian Temperance Union that supported prohibition. The campaigns ware able to enact prohibition regulations. Later in the period, prohibition became a national effort focus in controlling the alcohol drinking behavior. The events and background around the formation of the prohibition efforts includes the growing beverage alcohol industry. The expansion of the brewing industry expressed major concern on the control of the dirking behaviors of the Americans. The situation led to the intensification of the prohibition efforts in order to license the businesses. The prohibition efforts also considered the enforcement of the regulations in order to regulate the consumption of alcohol. Therefore, the consumption of alcohol including beer and spirits led to the formation of the prohibition efforts.
Question 2: Prohibition came about in the United States.
Prohibition came about in the United States because of the uncontrollable alcohol drinking habits among the Americans. The Eighteenth Amendments of the U.S constitution that sought to license the businesses that sold beers and spirits. Thus, the leaders of the U.S agencies were concerned by the drinking behavior of the Americans. The culture of drinking was spread from immigrants from the European countries. As a result, the uncontrollable drinking behavior among the Americans led to the enactment of prohibition.
Question 3: Major arguments for prohibition
Some of the arguments for prohibition by the leaders were that the enactment of prohibition could enhance the opportunity to convince Americans to stop drinking alcohol. The church leaders and reformers argue that prohibition is relevant in minimizing offensive behavior in the society. In addition, the proposers of prohibition regulations that prohibition would create relevant educational efforts on the effects of drinking alcohol in the U.S.
Question 4: Major Arguments against Prohibition
However, there were strong arguments against the enactment of the prohibition laws. They argued that prohibition eliminated the freedom of choice among the Americans. In addition, those opposing argued that people will be able to buy alcohol, but at higher costs. This would lead to creation of black markets in the economy. The rule is seen to be against the acceptable societal practices.
Question 5: Lessons Learnt and Opinion of Prohibition
I believe the enactment of prohibition laws were relevant as it controlled the businesses. The establishment of prohibition laws was relevant in the regulation business and promoting public influence. Prohibition would assists in avoiding harmful transactions to the entire society from the private investors. I support prohibition due to its campaign for health living through encouraging reduced alcohol consumption among the Americans. However, there should be significant reconsideration in order to protect the economic status of the country. Thus, the enactment of prohibition was significant in business regulation and reducing alcohol drinking.

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