Sample History Essay on United States’ Objectives in the Cold War

Question Three

United States’ Objectives in the Cold War

Cold war lasted for a period of forty-five years. It started as a result of prolonged disagreement between the United States and the Soviet Union. There were social frustration and distrust between the two powerhouse especially when It came to administration in Poland. The disagreement arose from United States acts of sharing its liberty, democracy and equality with other countries in the world engaged in war. In addition, it sought to improve the economy and free trade by encouraging the removal of trade barriers that hindered exchange of goods and services between different countries. On the other hand, Soviet Union differed with America because they believed in autocratic governance.

This was contrary to the American view of democracy an act that led to disagreement for a long period of time. Soviet aimed at protecting its boundaries from enemies and deadly attacks. The reason as to why the war lasted for a long time was because the two countries were antagonistic in terms of opinion and agendas. Moscow inhibited the process of liberalization through its effort to spread communism to an extent they suggested a communist government in Poland by the Soviet Union. The communist bloc was also powerful in its administration an action that dragged the process of liberation.

American was determined to promote internationalist by allowing countries to govern themselves being helped by the united national organization. Russia turned down the offer and rejected the ideological concept of internationalization by the United States. Tension between Russian and the United States kept on decreasing in some instances an action that led to collaboration between soviet and America. However, the ordeal did not last for long before rifts erupted again. Culminating from the economic decline, America lost its grips on cold war leading to Russian expansion of its nuclear projects. Moreover, America stressed for a free trade by creating a capitalist economy. This insinuates that power between countries would be determined by the economic welfare of different nations. The stronger a countries economy is the more powerful the country is in terms of military operation. In other words, America was trying to make peace for the whole world as an attempt of avoiding the negative effects of war such as Nazi which led to massive destruction for the Germans. These are just but some of the reason as to why the war was long lasting.

There were various measures that the United States tried to impose in order to facilitate its policies in the world. It convened meetings with allies that come up with some treaties such as mine ban treaty and arms trade treaty. It is also actively involved in global peace maintenance campaigns in different regions affected by war. Missile threats by the Soviet Union endanger American security as well as the global society. Japan and Korea are in the league of nuclear war with America. In promoting the world economy, America is involved in making policies and economic decisions that affects most countries. It finances weak economies so as to promote capitalism at the same time emphasizing on peace keeping by facilitating dialogues between warring countries. Consequently, it gathers the necessary support from the United Nations in convincing the Soviet Union to retrieve their political powers in the colonies. This is how the country has managed its external threat.