Sample History Paper on Chronical of higher Education

The primary source selected is about the chronicle of higher education. This chronicle talks about movements seen all around the universities against racism and slavery. These movements include Rhodes must fall. This movement arose in South Africa, where the students wanted the removal of the Cecil Rhodes monument. Cecil Rhodes was a diamond mining baron, a British imperialist, and a progenitor of the South African system. The second movement is black lives Matter, which came up in the United States, where colleges challenged the comparable symbols, and it was a form of March. This movement arose due to police brutality witnessed against Ferguson, MO., to Charleston, S.C., which was on how the confederate flag did not serve as a harmless relic of long-dead past but sustained present-day racist violence.

Another campiness witnessed by higher learning students was a campaign demanding the removal of john c. Calhoun was an antebellum senator from South Carolina whose views supported slavery. This campaign came up at Yale University. At Princeton University, a sit-in to think about striping all buildings of the name Woodrow Wilson who was a former president of the university and also the president of the United States. Another movement witnessed was at Harvard Law School. The campaign was against the school’s chest, which adapted from the coat of arms of the slave-owning royal family. This movement was called Royall must fall.

From all this movement, it should be well known that students want to eliminate the symbols of the past historians who were involved with white supremacy. It correctly believes that learning institutions should not give credence to their memories. By doing so, it allows openly white supremacist society not to permit recognition. But it should be noted that these movements are not against erasing historical symbols but the students who call upon universities to adopt symbols reflective of democratic values.