Sample History Paper on The Theme of Contribution in the Team of rivals

Goodwin's classic Team of Rivals gives an account of Abraham Lincoln's capability in
creating a bipartisan government during a difficult period in the history of the United States.
Lincoln created a cabinet that consisted of his political competitors and other intellectuals with
diverse political views during the American Civil war (Goodwin 9). Lincoln tactfully
incorporated his opponents such as Salman Chase into his cabinet, thus successfully suppressing
their criticisms of the Republican party and the governance of US. By drawing the rivals into his
circle of leadership, Lincoln showcased the thought that not every opponent needs to be attacked
and that all men of noble ideas need to contribute their sound ideas for the sake of effective
governance. Lincoln faced numerous challenges from his team of rivals but he brought peace in
America by engaging his rivals in his government, and by giving them prominent roles in the
The Team of Rivals depicts the idea of political unity and teamwork in the presidency of
Lincoln, as well as the critics who challenged him in the 1860s Republican presidential elections.
Lincoln's period as the US president is remarkable as he applied a critical strategic plan in
controlling his rivals, that is, by appointing them into his cabinet. Goodwin states that Lincoln's
opponents contested against him aiming to thwart his presidential bid. For instance, the then New
York senator William Seward was the front-runner of the Republican party, while Ohio governor
Salman Chase was representing the radical wing. At the same time, Missouri elder statesman

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Edward Bates was serving the conservatives in the presidential bid. Lincoln's achievement in
skilfully containing his rivals and bringing harmony in America is tremendous. As such,
Lincoln's presidential bid and reign faced numerous threats from his competitors who targeted to
overthrow him, but he controlled them by appreciating their political insights.
Following the presidential win, Lincoln stated that US needed the strongest men from all the
parties such as the Democratic party in the cabinet, as they would be essential in holding the
nation together. Consequently, Lincoln selected his political rivals such as Chase, Salmon, Bate,
and Seward as the greatest men to unite the country (Chase). Lincoln stated that he had no right
to deny the citizens off the services and contributions of these outstanding men (Buck 43-67).
Following their bid for political seats, these leaders had showcased their political abilities in
running the government. For instance, Seward used his long alliance with the New York political
boss Thurlow Weed to gain influence, while Chase gained recognition as an early proponent for
the abolition of the slave trade. Besides, Bate's opposition speech to president James Polk in
1847 at River and Habour Convention propelled him to the public domain. Lincoln’s belief was
that every man of noble ideas should play a role in the government. Thus, Lincoln incorporated
these great minds in governing the US effectively.
In creating a federal government with the opposition, Lincoln was determined to hold the
government together and incorporate his rivals in his cabinet with the aim of stopping the civil
war. As a result, Seward became the State Secretary, Chase assumed the role of the Secretary of
the Treasury while Bates got the role of United states Attorney General. Unfortunately, US was
thrown into a civil war as the Southern region seceded following Lincoln's presidential election.
Seward kept close ties with Lincoln during the civil war, but critics such as Chase began to plan
on how to overthrow Lincoln. However, Lincoln still retained him in the cabinet in the belief that

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his contribution was significant. Lincoln also appointed Chase as the Chief Justice of the US
Supreme Court as he believed that Chase would be the best man to protect the rights of the
freshly liberated black men and women in the US, and he was very determined and skilled on
how the civil war could be financed and stopped. Furthermore, Lincoln recruited Chase's friend
Edwin Stanton as the Secretary of the civil war. Stanton, who had been opposing Lincoln,
developed a sense of respect and support for him. Therefore, Lincoln had a strong will to manage
all the diverse personalities in his cabinet with a goal that their wisdom and capabilities would be
of great help to the state.
Lincoln effected a constitutional change and also endeavored to incorporate several generals
into his administration such as George McClellan, George Meade, and Henry Halleck. Goethals
expresses that Lincoln was successful in supporting Ulysses Grant to the position of the
commander of the Union Armies in 1864 (77-102). Consequently, Lincoln was able to facilitate
an amendment to the US constitution that abolished slavery and the slave trade and also stopped
the civil war (Fletche). Lincoln persuaded diverse communities in America to unite in effecting
the amendment thus appreciating their participation in the government. Therefore, Lincoln
achieved loyalty from the generals as well as a reform in the constitution that helped him govern
in peace.
Team of Rivals centers on Lincoln's endeavor to reconcile conflicting personalities during
the American civil war, whose contribution is portrayed as very crucial in the well being of a
nation. After his election as the sixteenth president of the United States of America, Lincoln
formed a cabinet that consisted of his most significant political competitors. The political rivals
were drawn from his Republican party and other opposing parties such as the Democratic party.
The team of rivals was a symbol of bipartisanship and a gesture of hope in the trying times

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during the American civil war. Lincoln recognized that the divisive ideological difference that
was developing in the US had to be countered through cooperation with his competitors. Lincoln
was determined to successfully integrate the rivaling personalities in his government to create a
peaceful administration. Following his effective leadership style, Abraham Lincoln is hailed as a
political genius in US history because of his role in encouraging the contribution of rival groups
in the government

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