Sample Homework Paper on Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice

Maintaining the trial by jury is the best option for the country. This is because; the decisions of the jury are widely accepted by the community. The members of the jury represent almost all members of the communities and therefore, they are less likely to give impartial judgements. Members of the jury are able to sit down and to discuss the case and are likely to come up with the correct verdict unlike single judges who may give preferential treatment to some offenders. It is much easier for a jury of 12 members to deliver a fair verdict than a single judge.

In a country where corruption is rife, it is impossible to bribe all the members of the jury. They are therefore in a better condition to deliver justice without any external judgement. Additionally, the juries command a lot of respect from the public and therefore, they are most likely to do the correct thing. The jury system has had success for over 800 years and therefore should be the way to go.

If I were on trial for committing a crime, I would easily give up the right to trial by a jury. I believe that a single judge is just as likely to give a fair verdict and therefore would not mind it. It is so much easier to convince a single person of my innocence rather than a team of twelve people.

I would not surrender the right to stay quiet If I gave up this right then the police may use anything I say against me in a court of law. Since I do not have the legal knowledge of what I should say and what I should not say, I would prefer to remain silent until I get a lawyer to represent me.



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